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Why Choose Dilution Control?

Posted by WAXIE Buzz on Oct 8, 2020 1:26:35 PM


By: WAXIE Editorial Staff  |  October 8, 2020

There are three common methods of purchasing cleaning chemicals: ready-to-use (RTU), bulk concentrates and dilution control systems.

And while they all have their benefits and uses, when possible, dilution control of chemicals is the most advantageous method you can use.

Dilution control provides you with the most cost-effective use of chemicals; reduced “re-cleaning” because the cleaning job is done with the right dilution the first time; and reduction of hazards because the system, not the people, handles the concentrated chemicals.

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Dispense Ready-to-Use Cleaners On-the-Go

Every program is going to have the need for some ready-to-use (RTU) cleaners, as they are convenient and sometimes do not come in a concentrated version, such as floor finishes and metal polishes.

However, RTU cleaners though can actually be produced more cheaply with a dilution control system. Bottle fill attachments allow the user to fill up a quart trigger spray bottle accurately and effortlessly. Just press a button and you have freshly prepared glass & window cleaner that is easily refilled as needed, whenever needed.

Safer & More Efficient Than Traditional Bulk Concentrates

Bulk concentrates are generally very popular as they are less expensive to purchase than RTU cleaners, although this also makes them less convenient as you have to measure out the right dilution ratio of product to water.

This cost advantage is often lost though as many people tend to ‘eyeball’ the dilution ratios, which in the end makes them more expensive and wasteful. This is commonly known as the “glug-glug” method.

Another issue with traditional bulk chemical concentrates regardless of the size or packaging they come in (quart, gallon, drum, etc.) is that there is a higher potential of exposure to the chemicals by staff if they are not following the directions and are not wearing the proper personal protective equipment (PPE).

Dilution control systems are the ideal solution as they combine the cost benefits of the bulk concentrates with a closed-loop dilution system that automatically dilutes a chemical properly while also greatly reducing any chemical exposure to the user.

Third-Party Certified WAXIE-Green Solution Station Products

Chemical Dispensing Solutions for Any Cleaning Application

Dilution control systems, such as WAXIE’s Solution Station®, have a wide range of products to choose from, and these days, have multiple types of dispensers to suit any facility’s needs and space requirements.

Whether you have a multi-floor building or a multi-building campus that you manage, there are endless possibilities to mix-and-match dispensers and products to customize a dilution control system as needed.

These systems are designed for swapping out products swiftly and efficiently whether they’re a one product or multiple product wall-mounted unit, a hand-held miniature dilution control system or a high performance cleaning caddy with a dilution control system built-in.

Choose from an array of green cleaning chemicals that have been third-party certified to meet any building occupant wellness initiatives to disinfectants and everything in between that aid in keeping your facility cleaner, healthier, greener and safer. 


Find the Right Dilution Control System for Your Needs

There are many dilution control systems available and they all measure water and chemicals to the right dilution, but some offer more advantages over others.

When reviewing options, look out for:

  • Systems that are flexible and can be designed to meet your needs
  • Systems that help prevent the worker from coming in contact with the concentrate when changing concentrate refills
  • Products that are tamper-resistant and metering tips that aren’t easily removable
  • Designs that help make sure the right product is hooked up to the right control button (color-coding, numbers, pictures, etc.)
  • Labels that help ensure spray bottles are filled correctly and used correctly (photos of the product in-use, easy-to-read labels, etc.)
  • Back flow prevention devices that meet all codes and minimize side effects such as foaming
  • Attachments (such as foamers) and additional features (such as portability, lockable dispensers, etc.) that are must-haves

WAXIE VERSA — Safe & Effective No-Touch Cleaning System

Your WAXIE Account Consultant is always available to help assess your needs and suggest the best system for your particular operation. WAXIE Solution Station offers safety, accuracy, flexibility and cost-control in chemical dilution control dispensing.

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