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It’s the New School Law in California

On October 12, 2017, Governor Jerry Brown signed Assembly Bill 10, requiring middle and high schools where at least 40 percent of students meet the federal poverty threshold to stock half their campus restrooms with free menstrual products. In an effort to keep low-income students attending class during their menstrual cycles, California schools will provide free tampons and pads. A similar measure implemented in New York in 2016 proved to successfully reduce absenteeism in public school systems.

WAXIE is here to help with implementation.

Menstrual care is part of what constitutes a well-appointed restroom, one that has public health at its core.

We make the change easy for you by offering a complete site analysis for restrooms in your facility — or even district wide, and our simplified product selection makes WAXIE a single source.

Feminine Hygiene Products will be required to be provided at no charge in 50% of public school restrooms which meet the following criteria:

  • Maintains any combination of classes from grade 6 to grade 12
  • Meets 40% pupil poverty threshold



  • A national study has found that a large percentage of US women have been out in public and unexpectedly started their period
  • Some students miss school simply because they cannot afford menstrual care products
  • Many students are embarrassed to ask for any supplies, or attempt to use any available supplies for the whole day
  • Supplies such as paper towels, bath tissue, seat covers and hand soap are required – what about menstrual care products?




  • Since its inception in 1919 HOSPECO pioneered the category of personal care products in public restrooms for women
  • HOSPECO continues to be an industry leader in this category, and offers a complete menstrual care system for public restrooms


The Products

A: Choose a Menstrual Care Dispenser
Recommended: 822202 EV-1-FREE White or 822204 MT1 White – both high capacity dispensers

B: Choose Menstrual Care Products
Recommended: 820020 MT4 Pads and 822000 Tampons

C: Choose a receptacle, receptacle liner and disposal bag (***please note that these items are not specifically written into the law, but are still necessary for safe and sanitary disposal)



Q: When was the bill signed into law?
A: October 12, 2017

Q: When does the law go into effect?
A: January 1, 2018

Q: When does the school need to have  dispensers and products?
A: Ongoing, beginning in January 2018

Q: Are there other similar laws in US?
A: Yes, NYC Schools was the first to pass similar legislation in 2015, and State of Illinois passed a similar law effective 1/1/18 requiring all public schools to provide pads and tampons at no charge in restrooms. Other states are contemplating similar legislation regarding public schools, and many have adopted laws which prohibit sales tax on menstrual care products

Q: What has been NYC Schools experience?
A: After first year, absenteeism decreased 2.4%, and usage averaged 1.4 total products consumed per female student (factoring in both tampon and sanitary pad use) indicating that the law was addressing the need as intended for unplanned events and for those who otherwise cannot afford products, and is not being abused

Q: My school customer is concerned that products will be overused and abused – what options are available to address this concern?
A: Please note that NYC Schools have not experienced product abuse – over the course of the first year, an average of 1.4 products was consumed per female student (combining usage of both tampons and sanitary pads)

The new Evogen dispensers have a patented time delay mechanism which can assist with mitigating this concern.
And because of the personal nature of the product, most have their personal favorite brand, so the product will most likely only be used in the case of an unplanned event

Q: What are the various dispenser options?
A: First choice: the Evogen dispensers have a patented time delay mechanism, and the 822202 EV1-FREE White is high capacity
Second choice: the 822204 MT1 White Dispenser is also high capacity but without patented time delay at a lower price point
Third choice: the smaller Evogen dispenser 822203 EV2-FREE White has less capacity, but does offer the patented time delay mechanism