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Posted by Briana Smith on Nov 28, 2013 12:30:00 PM

Seven Tips To Zone Cleaning In An Office Area

Originally published & reprinted with permission from CleanLink Online
By: Mickey Crowe

Office cleaning will vary according to whether you utilize zone or team cleaning. Although team cleaning is almost always more productive, some customers and situations require zone cleaning. Zone cleaning is when a person is responsible for cleaning the entire floor or area by themselves including trash collection, vacuuming, dusting, etc. Team cleaning is when a team of four (or more or less) perform certain specialist functions in the same area. 

Following are the suggested steps for a zone cleaner to clean an office area:

1. Prepare your cart or barrel for cleaning by making sure that you have all of the supplies and tools necessary to do the job. Be sure that you have access to and are wearing correcting any required PPE’s (personal protective equipment) which also means you need to have read and understand the MSDS information.

2. Check your schedule or organize your route so that you begin in an area and methodically clean a section/area/room at a time. It is recommended your supervisor has provided a job card listing the route (Example: Room 102, then 104, then waiting area, etc.) with time requirements for how long it should take to perform the required tasks.

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