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WAXIE Brand Paper

Clean & Soft™

CS_logo_solo_1line.jpgOur CLEAN & SOFT line provides a combination of quality and price with the consistent performance you’ve come to expect from all WAXIE products. Our full line of excellent towel and tissue products provides luxurious softness and coordinated decorator packaging. The line includes Standard Roll Bath Tissue (2-ply and 1-ply), Jumbo Roll Bath Tissue (9" and 12" diameter), Super MAX Bath Tissue, Multifold Towels, Universal Roll Towels (both white and natural), Facial Tissue, No-Touch Towels and Super Roll Bath Tissue, Small Core Bath Tissue, Centerpull Towels, and Kitchen Roll Towels.

Our full line of towel and tissue dispensing products feature easy loading and labor saving benefits. The locked and secured cabinets help prevent waste and pilferage, while the transparent covers show the status of the roll at a glance. The continuous paper flow technology eliminates stub roll waste. The line includes No-Touch, Quick Touch, Manual, Centerpull, Super Roll, Super MAX, Jumbo Roll and Small Core Tissue Dispensers.

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WAXIE Select™waxie-select-logo.jpg

WAXIE Select is a brand new line of premium quality bath and facial tissues offered by WAXIE. Meant to bring the comforts of home to away-from-home settings, these tissues are perfect for:

  • Boutique hotels
  • Fine dining establishments
  • Executive offices 
  • Or wherever you’d like an extra touch of softness!

The attractive cool-toned packaging is fresh, modern and appealing – making it a perfect fit for any room and bathroom décor. Great as part of any amenities package or by itself.

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WAXIE-Green-Green-Logo.jpgHigh quality WAXIE-Green products incorporate the latest technology in order to deliver superior results, and include products that have been certified by third-party ecolabels. WAXIE-Green products offer a compelling combination of performance, price, health and safety, along with a more sustainable profile.

100% Recycled Paper – Green Seal™ Certified

  • 65% post-consumer recycled content
  • 35% post-industrial recycled content
  • Exceeds EPA Comprehensive Procurement Guidelines for post-consumer recycled content
  • Processed chlorine free


  • Boxes 40–45% percent recycled content
  • Wraps 75–100% percent recycled content
  • Cores 100% percent recycled content
  • Environmentally preferable dyes and inks

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All KleenLine Paper Products:

  • Meets Green Seal’s environmental standard for sanitary paper products
  • FSC Certified verifying that it has been sourced from more  responsibly managed forests
  • Meets the EPA Comprehensive Procurement Guidelines (EPA CPG) for post-consumer recycled content
  • Meets the requirements of the Leadership in Energy Environmental Design Existing Building: Operations Maintenance
  • (LEED® EB:OM) Green Building Rating System
  • Minimum 75% Post-Consumer Waste (PCW)
  • Manufactured Processed Chlorine Free (PCF)
  • Fits a wide range of universal product dispensers
  • Perfect for schools universities, office buildings, airports, hotels, healthcare facilities, and any other place that has restrooms!
  • Combination of quality, economy and a more sustainable profile

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WAXIE has solutions for all of your large and small paper needs. How can our products work for you?

Building Service Contractors | WAXIE's Clean & SoftTM No-Touch Roll Towel System adapts to existing stainless steel fixtures for the cost savings that comes from switching from folded towels to controlled roll towels. The Small Core product line includes adapters that easily fit existing recessed partition fixtures for additional cost savings compared to standard roll tissues. If you are looking for LEED certification, WAXIE-Green is a more sustainable choice and our Kleenline brand is 100% recycled with 75% PCW at an affordable price.

Education | Keep students, teachers, and parents clean and healthy with customized solutions and controlled dispensing of cost effective and environmentally preferable products. Clean & SoftTM No-Touch Towel Systems offer high traffic solutions in addition to sanitary “No Touch” dispensers to prevent the spread of contagious diseases. Clean & SoftTM Super Roll and Super MAX systems have high capacity tissue delivery that prevent tissue outages and offer additional cost savings, and WAXIE-Green offers the Green Seal certification requirements required by many school systems.

Hospitality | Provide attractive and environmentally responsible amenities to occupants and staff. WAXIE Select provides exceptional quality luxury bath tissue, as well as cube or flat box facial tissues with a very attractive design that will appeal to customers. WAXIE Select is FSC certified, which guarantees that the paper has been sourced from more responsibly managed forests.

Healthcare | Ensure staff and patient comfort and safety while maintaining a budget, reducing HAI's and improving outcomes. Clean & SoftTM Hands Free No Touch Towel Systems is a solution for reduction in cross contamination of communicable diseases.

Government | Establish a healthy, high performing building at the lowest cost. Clean & SoftTM No-Touch Towels offer cost savings over traditional folded towels. Super Roll, Super MAX and Small Core tissues can be used for high capacity applications to prevent run-out while adding cost savings. WAXIE-Green meets or exceeds government environmental requirements with Green Seal certification.

Industrial/Manufacturing | Our KleenLine brand offers every day low priced towels and tissue. They are made from 100% recycled material with a minimum of 75% post consumer waste. Super Roll and Super MAX offer high capacity dispensed tissue for high volume restrooms.

Commercial Real Estate | Waste reduction can be achieved by switching from folded towels to controlled roll towels. Clean & SoftTM No-Touch Roll Towel Systems adapt to existing stainless steel fixtures and help reduce waste, which translates to cost savings. WAXIE's Small Core product line also offer adapters to fit existing recessed partition fixtures for additional cost savings vs standard roll tissues.

Foodservice | Clean & SoftTM and WAXIE-Green No-Touch Towel Systems provide sanitary usage and reduce cross contamination. Clean & SoftTM  Napkins ensure guest comfort and cleanliness.


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