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WAXIE GPS® Green Partner Support™ Ecolabels and Certifications Overview

One question which is frequently asked is, “how do I know which products are ‘green’ and which ones are not?”  This section of the website is meant to remove the complexity associated with this question, and to provide clarity and simplicity to the process of deciding which cleaning products to select for your green cleaning program.

There are several product certifications, attributes and approaches which have been proven to provide acceptable solutions in the market, and the products which have been identified as “green” in the WAXIE catalog reference one or more of these certifications or attributes where applicable.

The following information has been reviewed and vetted with the referenced organizations and is intended to provide a brief explanation of how each certification or attribute relates to professionals in the cleaning industry.

WAXIE GPS® Green Partner Support™ is a comprehensive approach to helping our customers design and implement a safe, effective and sustainable green cleaning program. WAXIE GPS encompasses all aspects of the cleaning process and seeks to have a positive impact on the health of building occupants and cleaning personnel, while also striving to minimize any negative potential impacts on the environment.

WAXIE GPS is ongoing support from WAXIE that consists of a combination of proper cleaning procedures, processes and planning to safely and effectively clean buildings, as well as the selection of the appropriate cleaning chemicals, equipment and accessories required to perform the cleaning function.

WAXIE GPS is a blueprint for best practices, is continually seeking improvements, and considers the definition of “environmentally preferable” to be “products and services that have a lesser or reduced effect on human health and then environment when compared with competing products and services that serve the same purpose.” 
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WAXIE GPS defines “green cleaning” as “effective cleaning which protects human health while reducing impacts on the environment.” 

WAXIE GPS recommends that a holistic approach to green cleaning will incorporate solutions that reduce impacts on human health and the environment in a way that addresses:

  • Products, equipment and tools
  • Process, procedure and procurement platforms
  • Commitment to stewardship and continuous improvement

One of the primary components and deliverables of WAXIE GPS is education – and this section of the WAXIE website is devoted to providing useful information for facilities which have a desire to design and implement an effective customized green cleaning program.