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WAXIE Deodorizing Systems

 WAXIE has a wide variety of deodorant systems and time metered air freshener systems for use in restrooms.

Deodorant systems are an important part of a Restroom Care System, along with restroom cleaners, restroom supplies, washroom accessories, touch-free soap systems and paper towel dispensers, etc.


Types of Deodorizing Systems & Products

Time Metered Air Freshener Systems
  • Programmable
  • Dispensers run on batteries
  • Greater coverage area

Deodorant Gel Air Freshener Systems
  • Continuous fragrance is released as the gel evaporates
  • No spilling

Urinal Blocks, Bowl Blocks, Urinal Screens & Rim Sticks
  • Provides odor neutralizing right at the source
  • Some have enzymes that not only eliminate odors, but get rid of buildup in urinals and toilets

Liquid Deodorant Concentrates
  • Long lasting odor counteractants
  • Can be used for cleaning solutions

Deodorant Aerosols
  • Portable
  • On-the-spot convenience

Deodorant Powders
  • Typically for use on carpets that need to be refreshed


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