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Surface Disinfectants Overview

In addition to having building occupants and employees practice good hand hygiene, it is also important to maintain a clean and healthy building environment through effective surface cleaning and disinfecting.

It is recommended that your custodial team evaluate and implement measures to minimize the potential transmission of the influenza virus, coronavirus or any other pathogens via hard surfaces through good sound cleaning and disinfecting procedures, with a focus on areas which may have the greatest likelihood of potential environmental contamination such as restrooms, food preparation areas and high touch surfaces.

High touch surfaces in your facility to focus on may include:

• Door handles and knobs
• Light switches
• Hand rails
• Elevator buttons
• Phones
• Sinks and faucets
• Restroom stalls and dispensers
• Vending machines
• Food preparation surfaces
• Breakroom, restaurant and cafe tables and chairs
• Microwave, refrigerator and kitchen appliance handles
• Coffee machines
• Copier, printer and fax control buttons
• Cabinet and file drawer handles
• Hand rails
• Chair arms
• Desks
• Counter tops
• Front desk and lobby surfaces
• Equipment controls
• Wheelchairs and walkers
• Computer keyboards and mouse
• Remote controls
• Recreation equipment


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