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High Density Liners vs. Low Density Liners


High Density Liners (HDPE)

High density polyethylene liners provide excellent film strength and puncture resistance, but less tear resistance than LLDPE. Used for paper and non-rough objects under moderate transport conditions. These bags are very strong and handle higher load capacities than LLD bags, but tear easier once punctured.

Suggested HDPE applications:
• Cans without sharp edges, food without sharp edges
• Grass, rags, smooth heavy objects
• Paper-plates, cups, towels, office

high-low-01-1Linear Low Density Liners (LLDPE)

Linear low density polyethylene liners are the primary type of resin used in modern can liner manufacturing technology. Excellent combination of film strength, puncture resistance and tear resistance. Used for rough or sharp objects under tough transport conditions. These bags are very strong and are more resistant to tearing, but handle lower load capacities than HDPE bags.

Suggested LLDPE applications:
• Plastic eating utensils, food with rough edges
• Sticks, rough yard trimmings, or glass
• Metal w/sharp edges