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Touch-Free Restrooms Improve Building Occupant Wellness - Staying Healthy

Restrooms are one of the most challenging areas for a facility manager and the janitorial staff to keep clean and well maintained. They are often the number one building health hazard too. That is because a restroom is a potential germ transfer station and studies have shown that many biocontaminants originating in the restroom ultimately make their way throughout the building.

There is also no other area in your facility that has the single greatest impact on your customers, guests and staff. Restrooms have a wide variety of high touch surfaces that pose a risk for cross-contamination, and they receive the lion’s share of sanitation complaints from building occupants. The majority of these complaints concern bad odors, the scarcity of supplies (primarily toilet paper, soap and paper towels), and a general lack of cleanliness (perceived or otherwise).

Touch-free restroom dispensers, devices and accessories can greatly improve a user’s restroom experience. The ability to wash, dry and sanitize your hands without touching anything is invaluable, and these devices have never been more vital in combating the spread of germs, increasing hygiene, and improving building occupant wellness. Let WAXIE help your facility meet and exceed its building occupant health and wellness goals with touch-free technology!


Keeping your hands clean has never been easier

  1. Feminine Hygiene | Feminine hygiene shouldn’t be an afterthought in a touch-free restroom environment! Keep your facility compliant with local laws (if applicable) or upgrade your user experience by providing free sanitary napkins and tampons through touch-free menstrual care product dispensers.

  2. Seat Cover Dispensers | No one wants to touch more things than absolutely necessary when in the restroom, especially in a restroom stall. When possible, automate it!


  3. Automatic Flush & Automatic Faucet Accessories | Automatic faucets, flush toilets & urinals eliminate a major restroom touchpoint. Reliable and user-friendly, automatic faucets and flushers come in many different styles that suit any restroom design and reduce the possibility of cross-contamination from germs. They also regulate and reduce indoor water consumption in a building.

  4. Hand Soap Dispenser Systems | Handwashing has come a long way from a bar of soap and a towel. WAXIE offers automatic wall-mount and counter-mount dispensers in finishes to match any restroom design. Sealed refills are available that prevent contamination from external elements, as well as handwashes that are formulated to be gentler on the skin. The WAXIE Select™ NRG™ Foam Handwash Dispensing Systems have new technology built-into them so that you don’t even have to change out the batteries!

  5. Paper Towel Dispenser Systems | Having paper towels automatically dispense at the wave of a hand is not just magic—it’s good clean fun! Automatic towel dispensers cut down on touchpoints and towel size can be adjusted to reduce excess product waste. In addition, paper dispenser/receptacle combos can be placed near doors where the paper towel can also be used to open a door handle and then be immediately thrown away.

  6. Hand Sanitizer | Double down on clean hands by installing touch-free hand sanitizer dispensers adjacent to a restroom door. This allows users to sanitize their hands one more time as they leave and means they avoid “sharing” germs from touching entry/exit hotspots such as doors, handles and waste receptacles.

round-graphic-fem-HygieneFeminine Hygiene

The latest touchless Evogen® menstrual care product dispensers from Hospeco® provide necessary hygiene items convienently at the wave of a hand while creating a more upscale atmosphere and enhanced customer experience.
Available special order – contact your WAXIE Account Consultant for more information




Seat Cover Dispensers

The new innovative Evogen® Seat Cover System from Hosepeco® makes for one less germ hotspot in the restroom stall.
Available special order – contact your WAXIE Account Consultant for more information




round-graphic-accessoriesTouch-Free Restroom Accessories

Automatic flush toilets & urinals eliminate a major restroom touchpoint, while also allowing for a “courtesy flush” button just in case a manual flush is needed. Newer models, when installed correctly, can regulate and reduce indoor water consumption in a building.




round-graphic-paper-towellPaper Towels Dispensing Systems

Having paper towels automatically dispense at the wave of a hand reduces the number of common touchpoints in a restroom, and adjustable paper length decreases excess product waste. Paper dispenser/receptacle combos can be placed near doors where the paper towel can also be used to open a door handle and then be immediately thrown away.




round-graphic-sanitizing-dispHand Sanitizing Dispensing Systems

Installing touch-free hand sanitizer dispensers immediately adjacent to the restroom door allows building occupants to instantly sanitize their hands to avoid “sharing” germs from touching anything else directly after washing their hands, especially if they need to touch a door handle to exit the restroom.




round-graphic-soap-dispHand Soap Dispenser Systems - Wall Mount

One out of every four refillable bulk soap dispensers is contaminated with unsafe levels of bacteria, leaving hands with twenty-five times more bacteria than before. As opposed to traditional bulk refill systems, touch-free sanitary sealed soap refill systems reduce cross-contamination and keep hands clean and healthy.




round-graphic-touchess-faucetsAutomatic Faucets

Automatic faucets also conserve water and make it a breeze for a user to wash their hands without having to touch anything. Water is dispensed on an as-needed basis (and sometimes for a set amount of time) saving gallons of water from unnecessarily going down the drain.



WAXIE has a variety of touch-free restroom solutions in addition to the products listed in this brochure. Contact your WAXIE Account Consultant for more information.


Automatic Flushing Devices

Automatic Faucets

“Smart” Restrooms of the Future

Restroom management systems are being developed to allow facility managers and custodial teams to oversee restroom maintenance faster and more efficiently. These proprietary systems connect several touch-free, Internet of Things (IoT) enabled dispensers and devices that instantaneously send alerts and data through the cloud when various supplies are running out, batteries are low, dispenser issues and other info via your preferred electronic device.