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Hand Hygiene Touch Free Restroom

Touch-Free Restroom

Having a great hand soap system and hand towel system in place for developing and maintaining good hand hygiene practices in your facility is important, not to mention the hand sanitizer near the entrance. The addition of other touch-free restroom accessories take it a step further, making it even easier to prevent cross-contamination, specifically on door knobs and restroom stalls. What's even better is that some of these accessories can help you save water in the process!



AutoFlush devices use a sensor to detect when a toilet or urinal needs to be flushed. They increase hand hygiene, help with water conservation & are easy to install. Some even have an 'autoclean' option that dispenses a cleaning product that will help reduce odors that can often be found in busy restrooms.



AutoFaucets make it a breeze for a user to wash their hands without touching anything, especially in combination with touch-free soap dispensers and no-touch hand towel dispeners. They save water by detecting when someone's hands are directly below the faucet because of a sensor. So no more water is wasted down the drain as someone is rubbing their hands with soap before rinsing! Multiple finishes and styles are available to easily match any restroom décor.