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Recycling Solutions

Contribute to a more sustainable environment by diverting waste from landfills by implementing a recycling program with recycling solutions from Rubbermaid that are designed for paper, plastic, glass & more. These recycling solutions are available for public areas; both indoor and out, as well as back-of-house applications – the right container for every recycling need.

It is important to have a plan and the right products to create solutions for your recycling needs or requirements. For information on how to get started with a Recycling

Decorative Refuse site by Rubbermaid

Download the Starting a Business Recycling Program Brochure   

Rubbermaid Recycling Containers


Visibility: Easily recognizable containers with the universal recycling symbol clearly shown.

Sustainable: Most resin-based products meet or exceed EPA guidelines for Post-Consumer Recycled Resin (PCR). Metal-based products contain a minimum 30% post-consumer recycled steel or 70% post-consumer recycled aluminum which exceeds EPA guidelines. All Rubbermaid plastic and metal containers are 100% recyclable.

Variety: Different sizes, types & colors of recycling containers available for every recycling need to create a successful recycling program.

Accessories: Choose the design that best meets your requirements. A wide variety of lids with shapes that indicate the type of waste that should be placed in the container. Dollies with casters effortlessly move recycling containers when portability is needed.

Download the Recycling Solutions Brochure

Rubbermaid Configure™ an Adaptable Recycling System

rm2.pngThe Configure™ decorative refuse containers provide a customizable recycling solution with sleek, smooth surfaces and contoured edges. This recycling system has a modern appearance that will fit seamlessly into any indoor or outdoor commercial environment. The Configure system can be tailored to the specific needs of the commercial environment. There are a variety of sizes available, 15G, 23G, 33G and 45G.

Waste Stream Labels are available that visually display the waste stream: mixed recycling, paper, glass, plastic, cans, organic waste and landfill. The Configure system is available with four different lid openings that provide visual cues that help get the waste in the right container. The Open Top Lid is available on all stock SKU’s. Magnetic connection keeps the containers arranged in the order that best fit the space – in a row or an island. For more complete information visit www.RUBBERMAIDCOMMERCIAL.COM/CONFIGURE



Clean River® Recycling Solutions

waste-diversion-1Clean River receptacles offer a flexible recycling solution in one container. The FLEX E 50-Gallon waste and recycling receptacles offer 1, 2 and 3 stream waste and recycling with large easy to read graphics, easy lift off lids for waste removal and internal non-slip bags that save time and money. The top collection plates are easily switched out allowing you to go from 1, 2, or 3-stream collection in less than 5 minutes with no tools. The Flex E 50 recycling and waste receptacles are versatile and can be used in a wide variety of settings including manufacturing, offices, schools, food services and more.


Ex-Cell Kaiser

excell.pngAt Ex-Cell Kaiser, we’re committed to protecting the environment and natural resources. That’s why we’ve teamed up with the U.S. Green Building Council to leverage the personnel, knowledge and physical tools needed to positively impact environmental sustainability.

Each and every day, we’re looking for new ways to leave a positive environmental footprint, whether through our own day to day business operations or through our products and manufacturing process.

Our internal efforts include the implementation of company and plant wide recycling procedures and initiatives, the separation of recyclable waste, timed production processes to reduce energy consumption and the purchase and usage of green cleaning products and products made of recycled waste. 

Ex-cell Kaiser website: https://www.ex-cell.com