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Commercial Grout Care - Keep Your Facility Up-to-Date

Tiled floors can be a challenge for you when trying to manage your facility maintenance plans. Commercial grout care may seem like an extra step but if you care about floor cleanliness, it's the only way to keep mold, bacteria and other contaminants from causing major problems. If you want a solution from sanitary professionals that go above and beyond industry standards, learn more about our process.

Tiles and Grout: Commercial Cleaning Challenges

No matter how your floor was installed, there will always be a slight height gap between the tiles and the grout. All of the dirt and other gunk that gets onto the floor eventually moves to these areas. If the grout is untreated, its porous nature makes it like the coral reefs, full of abundant wildlife. Except in this case, it's harmful bacteria and mold.

What's worse is that grout and tile are two completely different kinds of materials. While you may be able to use one product safely to keep your floors glossy and clean, it could cause damage to the grout. That just makes it more likely to cause issues down the line. What you want is a streamlined process to get your floors cared for without worrying down the road.

How to Get the Right Grout Care Plan

No matter how well you've tried to protect your flooring, it's always best to start with a restorative process with your grout. WAXIE Grout Rescue works to remove the grime and mildew that's already there. Plus, it removes any soap scum and other leftovers from cleanings by other services. Think of it like removing any past cleanings that weren't as professionally done.

The next step is to protect it. Just like you stain hardwood and put a clear coat on your car, you want to fill in the gaps on the grout to protect it from contamination. You want to use a strong sealant like WAXIE Grout Guard that can protect your flooring from a variety of corrosive agents and soil. You can even combine it with our Grout & Tile Seal for added shine and protection that spans both tile and grout.

In either case, you're accomplishing two things. One, you're clearing away any soil or damage to the grout that can leave it a breeding ground for bacteria. Customers and employees feel safer because the facility looks cleaner and it becomes less slippery. Two, you can protect your flooring for longer, avoiding heavy capital expenses.

When you're done with the initial work, commercial grout care focuses on maintenance. Since the surface is already protected, regular cleaning with a solution like WAXIE Grout & Tile Maintainer ensures that your floors retain their shine and protection against the wear-and-tear they face every day.

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