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Hand Sanitizer Systems

PURELL® Advanced Instant Hand Sanitizer

When people see the PURELL® brand, it sends a clear signal that you care about cleanliness, health, and well-being. The PURELL® brand lets you take credit not only for providing the best hand hygiene and surface disinfection but also for the unseen things you do to make your facility great.

PURELL® ES Hand Sanitizer Systems

When you choose new PURELL® ES Hand Sanitizer Dispensers, you’re not only getting America’s most trusted hand hygiene products, you are also getting a new and reliable dispenser design that delivers the hand sanitizer products people feel confident about using. The PURELL® ES4 manual dispensers offer familiar and worry-free performance, while the PURELL® ES6 is a reliable touch-free option. And when you choose the PURELL ES8 dispensers, you’re also getting a revolutionary touch-free dispenser design that addresses the two most common service issues – empty dispensers and worn out batteries.

  1. AT-A-GLANCE™ Refill Design
    Monitor product levels with just one look. We make it quick and easy to see which dispensers need your attention, eliminating complaints about empty dispensers.
  2. Breakthrough Energy-on-the-Refill Technology
    Each new refill comes with its own energy source – a coin cell battery that’s integrated into the refill. When you replace the empty refill, you get fresh product and fresh energy in one simple step. Back-up power inside the dispenser provides added assurance of high performance — even with extreme high-frequency use.
  3. Easy Recycling and Disposal
    PET bottle and refill components are easy to disassemble, including removal of the battery.
  4. Hand Hygiene Intelligence
    Optional GOJO SMARTLINK™ plug-in modules let you add intelligent functionality to your dispenser. Track hand hygiene compliance, get alerts when dispensers need service or add other upgrades as technology evolves.

purell-dispenser-2Hand Hygiene Where You Need It.

With a small footprint and multiple mounting options, the PURELL® ES System fits everywhere. Put it where dispensers and bottles just don't fit. It's the system that makes sense for a healthier world.

  • Refill cartridge securely attaches to the base which reliably mounts to surfaces
  • ready-to-install with preassembled base and refill cartridge with Command® strips from 3M for trouble-free placement
  • Base constructed of robust plastic for long-term reliability
  • Entire refill exposed for at-a -glance monitoring of product level and easy servicing
  • refill contains almost twice as much product as standard 8 fl oz PURELL® LOOK everyone knows and trusts



Watch the WAXIE Select Handwashing Dispensing System Video






Visit FDA's list of hand sanitizers not to use


Proper hand hygiene practices shouldn’t just be limited to the restroom

hand-sanitizer-building1. Lobby & Reception Areas

High traffic areas used by many can facilitate the spread of germs.


  • PURELL Instant Hand Sanitizer
  • PURELL Sanitizing Stations

2. Restrooms

Bulk filled soap dispensers may contain illness causing germs and bacteria.


  • WAXIE Select™, WAXIE Clean Touch™ or WAXIE-Green™ Certified Foam Handwash, WAXIE-Green™ Counter Mount Foam Handwash
  • PURELL® Instant Hand Sanitizer

3. Café & Break Room

Common areas where items and surfaces are used by many may harbor germs.


  • WAXIE Select™, WAXIE Clean Touch™ or WAXIE-Green™ Certified Foam Handwash or WAXIE Select Boost™ Handwash
  • WAXIE Antimicrobial Hand Soap • PURELL® Instant Hand Sanitizer

4. Conference Rooms

No access to soap and water.


  • PURELL® Instant Hand Sanitizer
  • PURELL® ES Everywhere System
  • PURELL® Hand Sanitizing Wipes

5. Employee Workstations

No access to soap and water.


  • PURELL® Instant Hand Sanitizer
  • PURELL® ES Everywhere System
  • PURELL® Pal

6. Tough Soil Areas

Frequent contact with grease and tough soils.


  • WAXIE Magic Kleen Industrial Hand Soap
  • GOJO® PRO™ TDX™ Heavy-Duty Hand Cleaner
  • PURELL® Instant Hand Sanitizer

7. Fitness Center

Shared equipment surfaces can retain germs.


  • PURELL® Instant Hand Sanitizer
  • PURELL® Sanitizing Wipes

PURELL hand sanitizers are trusted and used in hospitals, which means the same germ-fighting power doctors use to help prevent the spread of infection is available for everyone, in critical and everyday moments. From products that protect patients in hospitals, to convenient, portable packaging and wipes, the same commitment to well-being goes into every PURELL product.

  • Wall-mount dispensers – Convenient, reliable dispensing for facilities that want to show their commitment to quality
  • Tabletop bottles – Perfect for desks, reception areas or breakrooms, bottles let you offer hand hygiene where it’s needed most
  • Wipes – These convenient wipes feature the same germ protection as our gel and foam formulations, and are also available in stands, bottles and flow pack

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