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Wood Floor Care Overview

Finding a wood floor care maintenance routine is easy when you choose WAXIE. We offer a variety of products for daily or routine cleaning, restoration & recoating.

Take advantage of our Ultra Guard Premium Wood Floor Care Program that simplifies your wood floor care maintenance program. With most restorative methods this process can take several days, but Ultra Guard allows you to recoat your gym in a single day producing great, if not better results!

At the heart of the program is the coating – WAXIE Ultra Sport. This unique water-based finish makes wood floor care as simple to perform as hard floor care. WAXIE Ultra Sport Premium Wood Coating is a single-component water-based coating. There is only a one hour dry time between coats under normal conditions. It cures in just 24 hours, allowing the gym to be open for traffic the next day. The product’s quick-prep, quick-dry and quick cure allow for wood floors to be recoated at anytime throughout the year.

Wood Floors and Asset Protection

Gymnasiums are an extremely valuable asset in todays’ many and varied school activities. They are no longer used for just basketball. Are you having difficulty keeping up with the appearance that is desired of this playing surface? Losing revenue due to down time on your gyms? Safety a concern?

WAXIE gym wood floor protection systems provide the best value available in the wood floor protection market today.


WAXIE Ultra Guard Premium Wood Floor Care System

The WAXIE Ultra Guard Wood Floor Coatings are formulated not only to provide the very best protection for wood floor surfaces but to also provide you with the long lasting brilliant appearance that is expected all year round, without having to add expensive labor to maintain the floor’s appearance.


Ease of Prep – Simply heavy-clean and de-gloss the surface with proper pad or sand-screen along with WAXIE Ultra Prep, rinse with WAXIE Ultra Prep. Process provides fast turnaround time, putting floor back in service very quickly.

Ease of Application – Coatings have excellent leveling, high gloss characteristics. Dry time is achieved with in one to two hours allowing for multiple coats to be applied in a single day. This makes for full activity in 48 hours saving you valuable down time.

Unique Formulations – WAXIE Ultra Sport I and II coatings are waterborne products formulated with ultra-durable polyurethane. They produce great finish build, which provides an extremely high gloss but just as importantly, they provide unequalled durability and performance on interior hardwood floors including maple, oak, pine, and parquet.

VOC Compliant – WAXIE Ultra Sport and Ultra Sport II are VOC compliant in all 50 states and California Proposition 65 compliant. In addition, formulas are very-low in odor, and non-flammable.

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How can I get started?

Arrange a meeting with your WAXIE Account Consultant or Chemical Specialist to schedule a time to survey the facility and complete our Wood Floor Profile Form, or contact your local WAXIE branch at 800-995-4466.

Also available is our no charge education seminars which include wood floor preparation, application and maintenance. If interested in this training or any specific training aspect, contact your WAXIE Account Consultant.

WAXIE Ultra Court - Gym Floor Protection System

To further protect your gym floors, the WAXIE Ultra Court system provides the very best value available in the wood floor protection market today. It combines an attractive appearance, extreme durability, lightweight no-slip floor grip, and provides unequalled flexibility. The tile and cover systems allow you to quickly transform your gym into a highly versatile event center.


  • Prevents damage to the wood coating/floor
  • Fast installation and removal
  • No seaming tape, No sticky residue
  • Highly slip resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Class 1 Fire Rating
  • Warranties: Tile 7 years; Cover rolls 3 years
  • Appearance and feel of carpet

Protect your floor, your budget, and the safety of those using your gym with the all-around performance of WAXIE Ultra Court.

Contact your WAXIE Account Consultant for a consultation today!