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WAXIE-Green Eco-Mats

Entryway mats are the first defense against dirt, dust, pollen and other particulates entering a building.

Utilizing the appropriate size entryway mat and developing the associated cleaning strategies to clean and maintain the matting and exterior walkways, is an excellent way to contribute to better indoor air quality and to keep the building cleaner.

Using an entryway matting system is promoted by the U.S. Green Building Council in the LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) GreenBuilding Rating System and can potentially contribute to earning a credit.

For more information regarding LEED requirements, visit the website: www.usgbc.org

WAXIE-Green Eco-Mats

  • Quality plush surface wipes and dries shoes and grasps fine dust
  • Retains up to 20% more moisture than other standard wiper mats
  • Prevents floor deterioration and trip/fall hazards due to slippery floors
  • Easily maintained with regular vacuuming and hot water extraction

Help Preserve the Environment!

WAXIE-Green Eco-Mats are made from post-consumer P.E.T. plastic, which prevent bottles from entering landfills and preserves our natural resources.
1 sq. ft. = 4 bottles
4' x 6' = 96 bottles
6' x 60' = 1,440 bottles

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