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How Does Clean Equal Green?

The Measurable Value of a Clean Building

Most organizations look at cleaning as an extra expense which exists in its own budgetary silo, and therefore there is a natural tendency to strive to cut costs from the “cleaning budget” irrespective of any other factors impacted by the cleaning function.

While there are definitely more cost effective ways to keep our facilities clean (and please know that WAXIE is set up to design and deliver effective cleaning solutions at the total lowest cost for our clients), it is also important that we in our industry continue to evolve in the way we view cleaning altogether – and instead of thinking about cleaning merely as a cost which must be reduced by any means necessary, we must all collectively also start looking at cleaning as an investment in our facilities and, by extension, our building occupants, which is worthwhile and makes a positive contribution to the bottom line.

The Value of Clean tools developed by ISSA illustrate this connection between cleaning and the measurable value which is delivered through having a clean building.

Please see the infographic below which illustrates how “clean” equals “green”: