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NEW F-Style Bottles and Label Features

The new F-Style rectangular shape is easy to store, stack and carry.

A. Safety Secure Cap: The new safety secure cap prevents unwanted access.

B. Grooved Handle for Safer Grip: The ribbed handle provides a safer grip during slippery and dirty jobs.

C. Angled Handle for Easy Pour: The ergonomic shaped handle allows for an easier pour.

D. Post-Consumer Recycled Content: The bottle contains up to 25% post-consumer recycled content (PCR).

E. Embossed Logo: Embossed WAXIE Bee logo for quick product identification.

F. Content Measurements: Metric and standard content measurements.

G. Features and Benefits: Product features & benefits, offered in English and Spanish.

H. Item Numbering: Easy to read item numbering for quick identification.

I. GHS Formatted Labeling: GHS formatted labeling, offered in English and Spanish.



GHS Format Label Changes

Train employees on the new label elements. This is a necessary early adoption as new label formats are already in transition. 

1. Product Identifier: Includes chemical name, code or batch number. Same product identifier must be consistent on the label and Section 1 of the SDS.

2. Signal Word: Identifies the severity of the hazard. There are 2 signal words, “Danger” and “Warning.” There will only be 1 signal word used on a label.

3. Pictogram: OSHA has designated 8 pictograms for the GHS format standard, for application to a hazardous chemical.

4. Hazard Statement(s): Describe the nature and degree of the hazard(s) of a chemical. All applicable statements must be on the label.

5. Precautionary Statement(s): Describes recommended measures to be taken when exposed to hazardous chemicals.

6. Contact Information: Name, address and phone number of the chemical manufacturer, distributor, or importer.