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Posted by WAXIE Buzz on Apr 11, 2019 3:25:25 PM

WAXIE Brings Innovative Electrostatic Spraying System to Able Services San Francisco

March 26, 2019

Bill Sivori, Project Manager at Able Services San Francisco, does things differently than most. First, his contract cleaning business is devoted to a single client. But, that one account happens to be the largest landowner in San Francisco, with a four-building complex covering four square blocks, a total of 3.2 million square feet of Class A offices, 1.2 million in retail space, as well as the tallest building west of the Mississippi located a few blocks away. Sivori’s office is based in those very same buildings and once or twice a month he walks all 141 floors to build tenant relationships and to be proactive rather than reactive when there's a problem.

“I've been here eight years and have a great staff with an inordinate amount of management for four buildings, including an operations manager, full admin, two supervisors and eight foremen,” said Sivori. “We have close to 400 different tenants, most of which are high end lawyers, investment bankers, insurance and high-tech companies. Tenants trust when we say we're going to do something, it gets done.”

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Posted by Briana Smith on Sep 27, 2012 11:10:00 AM

How to Read a Product Label

Reading the product label should be the first step in the cleaning process, not only to make sure the directions are understood, but most importantly for safety. It’s best to also have the material safety data sheets (MSDS) on hand to read at the same time so that all safety and protective information is clearly understood prior to chemical usage. The product labels and MSDS will list any precautions or protective gear the user will need, and whether or not any other cleaning chemicals will be dangerous to use at the same time (like using a bleach product and an ammonia product in quick succession).

All chemical manufacturers should provide a MSDS upon request. WAXIE even makes chemical MSDS available for download online at anytime day or night on our website:

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Posted by Trent Fitzgerald on Jun 28, 2011 2:37:00 PM

“Green” and “Disinfect” – Do They Go Together?

One of the biggest trends in the cleaning industry over the last several years has been the move toward selecting green cleaning products, and using them in a way that reduces impact on human health and the environment.

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