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Microfiber Technology

Microfiber cleaning products are proven to be a more cost-effective, labor-reducing & environmentally friendly solution than other cleaning tools such as traditional wet mops, brooms, etc. This makes it no surprise that microfiber is only increasing in popularity and becoming the ideal choice in any cleaning environment, from your home to your work place. At first glance, microfiber could be mistaken for a regular cotton cloth since they have a similar look & feel, but in fact there is a major difference. Microfiber is made up of tiny strands of synthetic fiber, and when woven together become highly effective for trapping & holding moisture, dirt and debris. These strands also reach into cracks & crevices, which traditional cleaning tools are not capable of.




What Makes Microfiber Green?

• Contributes to better indoor air quality with superior dust and dirt containment
• Source reduction - use less water and chemicals
• Lasts longer than conventional products

Microfiber Benefits
Cross-Contamination Reduction - Microfiber is an effective way to reduce cross-contamination because of its color-coding options, giving you the choice to assign one color to one particular type of cleaning job. It can also be washed hundreds of times before needing to be replaced, so you can launder your microfiber after every cleaning task giving you a fresh, clean cloth each time.Increased Employee Productivity - Microfiber mopping and dusting tools are designed with the user in mind. There is no need for awkward twisting and heavy lifting with its' ergonomic design. They are also significantly lighter than traditional cleaning mops, reducing stress and back strain, which could eventually result in worker's compensation claims that could have been avoided.Cost Savings - A microfiber-based cleaning program can help you save in several ways. Not only does it reduce water and chemical usage, but there is no need to frequently replace microfiber product like traditional methods since it can be washed and reused hundreds of times. If used properly, it can also help preserve interior finishes saving you money in labors costs for restoration.



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