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Posted by Briana Smith on May 27, 2021 9:15:56 AM

Green Cleaning Tools, Equipment & Technology for Healthier Indoor Environments

By: Briana Smith | May 27, 2021

Part two of an ongoing series guiding you on the path to creating a cleaner, healthier, greener and safer building for re-entry and beyond.

In this blog series, we’re breaking down this overall process into eight steps, as reflected in our WAXIE GPS® (Green Partner Support™) Program, which progresses from easier to adopt green cleaning procedures and techniques to higher level strategies and stewardship.

Part one discussed Green Chemistry.

The next step builds onto and works in combination with your green cleaners and dispensing systems. Green cleaning involves more than just the cleaning chemicals themselves. The tools, equipment and actual cleaning processes play an integral role in increasing efficiency and reducing your overall environmental impact to keep your building and those that use it clean and healthy.

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Posted by Briana Smith on May 14, 2021 2:42:39 PM

How to Develop a Sustainable Building Program

By: Briana Smith | May 14, 2021

Part one of an ongoing series guiding you on the path to creating a cleaner, healthier, greener and safer building for re-entry and beyond.

If there’s one thing that this past year has underscored, it’s the impact and need for healthy buildings so that children have a safe learning environment, employees are more productive at work, and guests feel comfortable frequenting your business.

This becomes even more essential as government regulations loosen and businesses, schools and buildings begin the re-entry process.

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Posted by Briana Smith on May 16, 2017 3:37:00 PM

The Evolution of How Floor Finishes Became More Green

By: WAXIE Floor Care Specialist Team  |  May 16, 2017

Historically, green floor finishes were considered inferior to conventional floor finishes. That belief was generally based on durability of green floor finish. Third-party floor finish certifications, such as Green Seal GS-40 or ECOLOGO UL 2777, contain many stringent requirements, but the most significant factor is eliminating metal compounds from the floor finish.

Conventional floor finishes generally utilize zinc to for “crosslinking” within the formula. This creates a very strong and durable bond, helping with durability, wear, scuff resistance, etc. Some early green floor finishes used calcium for crosslinking, instead of zinc. While they met third-party standards, they didn’t meet customer standards. It just wasn’t as durable and the finish “walked off,” leading to more maintenance and more expense for facility operators.

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Posted by Briana Smith on Feb 7, 2017 1:15:00 PM

WAXIE Promotes the Future of Sustainability in the Pacific Northwest

By: Rick Jones

On January 18th WAXIE had the opportunity to introduce ourselves and our capabilities into the Salem and Eugene areas of Oregon.

With the recent closing of a local distributor, and the addition to WAXIE’s sales force in this market, we hosted a seminar for over 40 local facilities at Chemeketa Community College. The goal of the seminar was to introduce WAXIE, share our Mission Statement, and listen to our potential customer's needs! We really appreciated everyone who made it considering the bad weather & rough travel conditions.

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Posted by Briana Smith on Jan 6, 2015 12:30:00 PM

2014- A Year in Review: Sustainability, Cleaning Tips & Industry News

By: Briana Smith, Social Media & Product Branding Specialist, WAXIE Sanitary Supply

It’s always interesting to look back and reflect on the twists and turns of what was going on during the course of a year. Checking out the major milestones that have been achieved, world happenings, new industry innovations, upcoming trends and the like. Contemplating which of these trends may continue forth into the new year.

Sustainability is no longer a trend, but a lifestyle that society is embracing more and more each year. We'll continue to see new innovations in a variety of products, accessories & ways of doing things that will make it easier to practice both individually & for businesses. Water conservation in particular has been a hot topic – the drought in the West is not something that will be gone quickly and has caused many to rethink water usage and consumption.

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Posted by Briana Smith on Nov 20, 2014 12:30:00 PM

You Only Have One Chance to Make a First Impression

By: Briana Smith & Fred Capriotti  |  November 20, 2014

Here’s What You Can Do to Make the Right One

With the advent of social media and the evolution of online review forums & platforms like TripAdvisor, Yelp, Google+, etc. first impressions of hotel rooms are vital. Guests are often quick & very vocal about any problems that they experience during their stay.

Oftentimes staff in housekeeping, at the front desk or a manager isn’t even aware that there was an issue until after the fact when negative reviews are posted. Managers are often willing to address any guest concerns that may arise, but it’s difficult to do if they are not made aware of the problem in the first place.

So what can you do?

Always put your best foot forward.

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Posted by Briana Smith on Jul 17, 2014 12:30:00 PM

Assisting the San Francisco Giants towards Achieving their Sustainability Goals in Recycling

By: Briana Smith, Social Media & Product Branding Specialist, WAXIE Sanitary Supply

(left: Tiffany McLaughlin, WAXIE Sanitary Maintenance Consultant; right: Randy Gomez, Director of Facility Operations at AT&T Park)

WAXIE Northern California is proud to be part of the San Francisco Giant’s sustainability efforts and congratulates them on receiving their 6th consecutive Green Glove Award. The Green Glove Award is given by Major League Baseball to the baseball club with the highest recycling rate.

WAXIE has helped the Giants in implementing an improved waste & recycling program on-site, including trash can liners specific to their needs & receptacle systems. Recycling is done on the premises 24/7 and the Giants are working towards reaching zero waste. Zero waste is a concept in waste management & planning that takes into consideration the life cycle of a product, so that it can be reused, and nothing is sent to a landfill or incinerated (1).

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Posted by Briana Smith on Jan 9, 2014 12:35:00 PM

WAXIE's Top 10 Blog Articles of 2013

By: Briana Smith, Graphic Designer, WAXIE Sanitary Supply

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Posted by Briana Smith on Jun 12, 2013 3:57:00 PM

WAXIE Salt Lake City Green Cleaning Seminar - June 12th, 2013

WAXIE Salt Lake City had a wonderful Green Cleaning training event as part of their Custodial Education Program (CEP) series. David Hansen imparted some great information, including 'Things To Keep in Mind' when planning a Green Cleaning Program.

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