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KleenLine Can Liners

The Right Size – Right Price – Right Now – Product Line

Our KLEENLINE brand of economical trash liners were specifically chosen to meet most ordinary applications and fit most trash receptacles properly. Choose between High Density (thinner) and Low Density (thicker) depending on the type of trash being collected. The size and thickness of each liner was chosen with “Source Reduction” in mind to reduce the amount of plastic used. These high quality liners are priced as an Every Day Low Price offering and are available next day at any of our WAXIE inventory Centers.

  • All 12 high density and low density can liners were carefully chosen for use with the most common trash cans in the market place
  • The right sizes were identified to reduce the excess amount of plastic that will ultimately end up in a land fill
  • A thinner gauge liner made from an advanced polymer blend was chosen that are stronger than thicker liners made from inferior polymers and also reduces the amount of plastic used
  • These high quality, right size and gauge can liners come with a competitive everyday low price and are stocked at all WAXIE inventory centers

The Two Plastic Types, High Density and Low Density

  • High Density liners are used for paper and non-rough objects under moderate transport conditions
  • These liners are very strong and handle higher load capacities than Low Density liners, but tear easier once punctured
  • Low Density liners are used for rough or sharp objects under tough transport conditions
  • These liners are very strong and are more resistant to tearing, but handle lower load capacities than High Density liners

KleenLine can liners offer a variety of sizes and gauges designed to fit most trash collection applications.

These high quality liners offer our best can liner value and are manufactured with “right sizing” and “source reduction” in mind. Choose between LLDPE (Linear Low Density Poly Ethylene) used for rough or sharp heavy objects under tough transport conditions or HDPE (High Density Poly Ethylene) used for paper and non-rough, light objects under moderate transport conditions.

KleenLine can liners are manufactured with source reduction technology by using a high quality resin that is used to improve performance at thinner gauges, thus less plastic is used for the same job. Up to 14% natural mineral additives are used to reduce the amount of petrochemical additives needed. KleenLine can liners are right sized bags built to fit trash receptacles better, with less waste than other over-sized bags.



The Benefits of Right Sizing

Source Reduction Through Technology

Advanced polymer blends offer:

  • Improved performance at thinner gauges
  • High-quality prime resin
  • Star-Seal – the strongest seal available

Savings. Why buy more plastic than you need?

  • Better performance at thinner gauges means purchasing less plastic for the same job

Source reduction facts:

  • Less plastic is needed for the same job
  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions
  • Double bagging not required

Source Reduction Through Minerals

Up to 14% natural materials. Non-petrochemical reinforcement additive.

  • A natural mineral reinforcement additive
  • Greatly enhances the durability of the bag
  • Non-petrochemical, abundant and all-natural

Savings. With enhanced durability and dependability, product failures become nearly obsolete, creating better workplace efficiencies. Better performance at thinner gauges means purchasing less plastic for the same job.

Source reduction facts:

  • Reduces energy used to produce bag
  • Uses an abundant all-natural mineral
  • Reduces the reliance on petrochemical materials

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Other WAXIE Brand Trash Liners

DuraStar can liners offer an extensive choice of sizes, colors and thickness manufactured with both High Density and Low Density resins. All have “Star-Seal” bottoms that offer exceptional strength and performance.

WAXIE-Green can liners are formulated to reduce potential impacts on human health as well as the environment. These quality trash liners meet or exceed the EPA Comprehensive Procurement Guidelines for post-consumer recycled content. A wide selection of sizes and gauges in both Low Density and High Density options are available.