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WAXIE CRE - Commercial Real Estate

Experienced Consultants
When you work with WAXIE, not only do you benefit from WAXIE’s experience – after all we have been in the business of helping commercial real estate buildings like yours since 1945 – but you also benefit from WAXIE’s consultative approach to solving your most challenging facility maintenance issues. WAXIE is not just another company with a big catalog full of products – our consultative approach and trained representatives and specialists mean you can count on WAXIE to be your experienced and trusted partner and advisor.

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Customized Solutions
No two buildings are exactly alike, and our approach to helping you get your job done shouldn’t be either. WAXIE will work with you to assess and benchmark your current facility maintenance approach, and then customize a total facility maintenance solution which delivers you the best value and overall cost savings. WAXIE is well-positioned to work with your Building Service Contractor vendor or GPO, and stands ready to do whatever it takes to get the job done on-time and on budget. 

Management Tools
WAXIE is set up to work with busy Commercial Real Estate Professionals – and we realize that what we do is a small but important part of your overall responsibilities. Our online Web@Work e-commerce platform with incorporated budget management tools gives you control of, and visibility to, your overall facility supply spend, making it easier for you to manage. WAXIE is a company which has been purpose-built to serve those who are responsible for managing commercial real estate buildings. 

You have sustainability goals to reach, and WAXIE GPS® Green Partner Support™ guides you to reaching these goals, up to and including contributions to LEED certification. WAXIE GPS® is a collaboration and partnership between WAXIE and its respective commercial real estate customer and manufacturer partners – and it is a comprehensive approach which addresses everything you will need to implement an effective green cleaning program. WAXIE has the experience and expertise to help guide you through the process to reach your sustainability goals.