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WAXIE Green Liners

Are you looking for a can liner which contains post-consumer recycled content and has a reduced reliance on petrochemical ingredients – and which also offers exceptional strength, performance, and value? Then look no further than WAXIE-Green Can Liners – which are manufactured locally right here in the Western United States*.

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WAXIE-Green Can Liners offer the compelling combination of a bag made with a proprietary natural mineral reinforcement additive which enhances durability and reduces the use of virgin petrochemical ingredients, along with containing additional post-consumer recycled content – all while delivering the strength, performance and value you need to get the job done.

WAXIE-Green Can Liners meet or exceed the EPA Comprehensive Procurement Guidelines for post-consumer recycled content (a minimum of 10-30% post consumer recycled content depending on production run) and the use of these liners can help contribute to a LEED project or AASHE STARS rating.

WAXIE-Green Can Liners are available in either high density or linear low density options – with the high density liners offering a thin gauge for light and medium duty use, and the linear low density liners offering more recycled and post-consumer recycled content and thicker gauge for heavier duty use. By selecting the smallest, thinnest liner which will do the job, you can save money and help to contribute to source reduction.

And because WAXIE-Green Can Liners utilize a proprietary natural mineral reinforcement, the total amount of virgin resin required to produce new liners is decreased significantly – which means a reduced reliance on petrochemical ingredients to make new liners– all while simultaneously helping to strengthen the liner and increase its durability.

Advanced polymer blends also help to allow for thinner gauge liners to be produced since the thinner liners with these new technology resins combine with the natural mineral reinforcement additive have a performance equal to other thicker gauge liners available on the market.

Finally, locally produced liners* also help to reduce transportation costs and associated environmental impacts.

In short, WAXIE-Green Can Liners are the right choice to help you meet your overall sustainability goals.

* WAXIE-Green Can Liners are manufactured in Southern CA and in Northern UT.