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Hand Hygiene - Hand Towel Systems

Hand towel systems are an important part of a well-rounded hand hygiene regimen. No-touch towel dispensers help ensure hygiene, lower cost, reduce waste and enhance the appearance of a restroom. WAXIE has a towel dispenser system to suit your facility’s needs whether your preference is for universal roll towels, centerpull towels or one of the various folded towels.

Essential to Workplace Wellness and good hand hygiene practices, hand towel systems are one of the most used items in a restroom or hand washing area. Some of our featured brands include…

Clean & Soft No-Touch Towel Dispensers

A combination of quality and price with the consistent performance you’ve come to expect from all WAXIE products. Clean & Soft No-Touch Towel Dispensers are part of our complete line of tissue and towel systems that provide you with a simple & fresh look with coordinated decorator packaging. Great dispensers that will handle the every day wear and tear of daily use in high-traffic restrooms and break areas.

WAXIE Clean Touch Foam Soap System

Kimberly-Clark Professional* MOD* System Towel Dispensers 

A customizable towel dispensing system loaded with innovation and the flexibility to change modules as your needs change. If you need to upgrade, the dispenser stays the same – all you have to do is replace the inside dispensing module. Plus, the new modern sleek design fits in with any room.

Georgia-Pacific enMotion® Towel Dispensers

Automated touchless dispensing provides efficient towel dispensing while helping reduce the risk of cross-contamination. With a high-capacity design and ease-of-use, enMotion uses advanced technology to transform the washroom experience.