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Posted by Briana Smith on May 29, 2014 12:30:00 PM

6 Tips for Giving Your Upright Vacuum Cleaner a Tune-Up

Don’t let this happen to your upright vacuum cleaner!

By: Briana Smith and Mike Anderson  |  May 29, 2014

1. Brush Adjustment

Think that the brush adjustment option on your vacuum cleaner is just for show? Think again. It’s critical to the life of the brush, the vacuum AND your carpet life! Improper brush adjustment actually causes your vacuum to perform poorly, wear out faster, overheat, and can cause damage to your carpeting. Carpet pile lengths and textures vary and the point of having a brush on a vacuum is to sweep the dust, dirt & debris up and into the vacuum. If you have the brush too high for your carpeting then it’s not doing anything. If it’s too low it wears out both your carpeting and your brush. Make sure to check your brush every so often to see if it needs replacing, as it’s cheaper to replace a brush then a vacuum.

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Posted by Briana Smith on Dec 20, 2012 12:30:00 PM

Getting Rid of Bed Bugs: An Area Treatment Solution

Using WAXIE Bug Off II - Part of an Integrated Pest Management Approach

In treating for bed bugs, the first thing to know is you are not just treating the mattress and box spring – you are treating the entire room. Nothing should be removed from the infested areas without first being treated and/or double bagged. Repeated treatments may be required.

Secondly, training and educating your staff and cleaning crew is vitally important. A well informed staff is your first line of defense both in the prevention and the management (if an infestation is discovered) of bed bugs in your facility. Create and keep checklists with the cleaning carts that consist of pictures of what to look for and a series of instructions listing what one should do once bed bugs are found in a room. Establish a communication protocol so that supervisors and other staff are informed of the problem and what steps have been taken in the removal process.

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