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Waste receptacles are an important part in a waste collection system and there are many different types, sizes, shapes & colors available to choose from for every area of a facility. They range from durable, heavy-duty every day types of receptacles to indoor & outdoor decorative receptacles that enhance the décor or landscape of a facility.

Rubbermaid BRUTE® Round Containers

Durability: Heavy-duty containers for a variety of uses. All-plastic professional grade construction will not rust, chip or peel and resists dents.

Safety: Products meet important industry criteria and regulations for safe and efficient waste and material handling.

Strong: Snap-on lids are available for secure, stable stacking. Double-ribbed base increases stability and dragging capacity.

Certified: Gray, white and yellow containers are USDA approved and assist in complying with HACCP guidelines, and certified to NSF Standard #2.

For more information: RCP-Advantage-Alert-BRUTE-Abrasion-Test.pdf

Slim Jim® Containers with Venting Channels

Ergonomic: Integrated venting channels reduce the force required to remove a full can liner up to 60% when compared to a traditional Slim Jim® container.

Efficient: Space-saving profile fits virtually anywhere. These 23-gallon containers have molded-in handles, base grips and liner cinches make emptying easier and eliminate knot tying.

Recycling: Available in blue or green imprinted with the recycling symbol, as well as variety of lid options (including recycling specific lids for paper and bottle/can recycling).

Download Rubbermaid’s Slim Jim Venting Channel PDF for more information: RCP-Slim-Jim-wVenting-Channels.pdf


Decorative Receptacles

Decorative Waste Receptacles1
Stylish: A wide variety of decorative refuse containers that are built for looks and long-lasting performance, indoors and out.  

Indoor/Outdoor: Many receptacles are made for use inside, but some can also stand up to the elements outside.

Sustainable: All Rubbermaid plastic and metal receptacles are 100% recyclable. Options are also available for receptacles made with post-consumer recycled content.

Customization: Choose a style. Choose a color. And add a liner!

Recycling: A variety of decorative containers are available to customize your refuse recycling program.

Rubbermaid’s Infinity decorative receptacle: RCP-Infinity-Decorative-Waste-Containers.pdf