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SMARTCell 60-Day Odor Neutralizer System

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This unique, new air care system utilizes hydrogen fuel cell technology to operate! It requires no batteries and refill components are completely recyclable. Refill formulas contain no propellants or VOCs – only pure fragrance and odor neutralizers. Decorative, discreet dispenser installs in one minute, has no moving parts, is noise free and has high or low settings for 60 or 90 days of refill life. Dispenser mounts on wall or you can set it on horizontal surfaces for offices, etc. Powerful, customer-proven, preferred fragrances deliver a consistent level of fragrance throughout refill life. All refill fragrances contain Microtrans® (odor neutralizer) to break down and eliminate odors.



  • Citrus Burst is a fresh, lively and zesty orange fragrance with notes of grapefruit and green lemon
  • Cool Blue has watery marine notes blended with hints of bergamot and rosemary
  • Mango is a refreshingly tropical fruit fragrance
  • Apple Cinnamon has a warm spicy and sweet scent

SMARTCell is the perfect environmental solution to malodor problems. Dispensers are 3"Wx5.5"Hx2.75"D.


#161700 ea/cs    White Dispenser 12/cs
#161705 ea/cs    Chrome Dispenser 12/cs
#161710 ea/cs    Citrus Burst Refills 6/cs
#161720 ea/cs    Cool Blue Refills 6/cs
#161726 ea/cs    Mango Refills 6/cs
#161727 ea/cs    Apple Cinnamon Refills 6/cs


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