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WAXIE is the most trusted name in clean since 1945

WAXIE is proud to be a trusted source of information related to cleaning and facility maintenance supply solutions – since 1945, our company’s mission has been to help our customers keep their facilities cleaner, healthier, greener, and safer.

Since the 1990’s, we have seen that everyone’s access to information has increased at a dramatic pace as available content on the internet has continued to expand, and as internet-connected devices like cell phones and tablets have continued to proliferate.

On the whole, immediate access to all kinds of information has been extremely beneficial to society – information about topics which were once the domain of only the select few who had access to the books, articles, guides, instructions or other relevant source material, are now instantly accessible to anyone in the world simply by typing some key words into a search browser. However, if your search topic is bit more nuanced, or if search results bring back incomplete, unusable, conflicting or an overwhelming number of answers, it is beneficial to be able to have the search results “filtered” by a trusted source.

The bottom line is that with this ongoing proliferation of information available online, it is becoming increasingly harder to separate fact from fiction.

Therefore, WAXIE would like to be able to step in to offer an ongoing narrative in this space on a variety of pertinent topics to serve as a beacon to guide online information explorers out of the vast sea of internet search results and into a safe harbor of a website with trusted advice – to answer questions which are frequently asked, to provide insight and clarity to developing industry trends, and to help separate the “wheat from the chaff” of information related to our industry.

Thank you very much for your ongoing trust in WAXIE, and for allowing us the opportunity to continue to help you keep your facilities cleaner, healthier, greener and safer.

Q4-waxie-select-Insights-CTAExperience Superior Hand Hygiene - Use WAXIE Select™ NRG™ Boost™ Foam Handwash
WAXIE Select™ Foam Handwash Dispensing Systems add a touch of class to your facility with refreshing, spa-quality foam soap formulations that people love and a new modern and sleek design.


Q4-green-Insights-CTALooking for a “Green” Hand Soap? - Characteristics of a More Sustainable Hand Hygiene System
Facility managers are increasingly looking for more sustainable solutions—from cleaning products and programs to consumablesto improve the health & wellness of building occupants. 


Q4-HFFE-Insights-CTAThe Cleaning Science Behind High Flow Fluid Extraction (HFFE)
“Clean” is defined by Merriam-Webster as “free from dirt or pollution” or “free from contamination or disease,” but it is worth noting that there is no universally accepted definition of “clean” which has been adopted by everyone in the cleaning industry.

Q4-tradewar-Insights-CTATrade War With China - How Tariffs Affect the Cleaning Industry
As you may have heard on the news, there is anew 15% tariff assessment which has been announced on yet another group of products imported from China–and this new tariff may have the potential to lead to price increases for a new group of products which are used in the cleaning industry.

Q4-versa-Insights-CTAWAXIE VERSA - Dirty, Unsanitary Restrooms Are the #1 Building Maintenance Challenge
The WAXIE VERSA & VERSA II cleaning caddies are no-touch cleaning systems designed to remove the maximum amount of bio pollution.

Q4-ACS-Insights-CTAMaking Strides Against Breast Cancer
At WAXIE Sanitary Supply we are passionate about more than just helping our customers find the right solutions to all of their sanitary supply needs.

Q4-kaitutor-Insights-CTAThe KaiTutor™ - Video Training When, Where and How Your Workers Need It
Training of custodial workers is frequently cited as a key challenge in the cleaning industry – and the ultimate correlation between effective training and its impact on the overall quality of work produced cannot be overstated.



The Complete Hand Hygiene Solution - Wash, Dry and Sanitize
Washing your hands properly is one of the best things you can do to help prevent and control the spread of many illnesses – and good hand hygiene is a key contributor to helping us all stay healthy. 



WAXIE Solution Station® - Chemical Dispensing Solutions For Any Cleaning Application
Closed-loop, accurate, safe and spill resistant chemical dispensing. Full-color, in-use application photos on chemical concentrate refills and secondary labels help your employees always use the right solution in the right place.


Benefits of A Sanitary Sealed Soap Dispensing System
Washing your hands is one of the best ways to maintain your health. Chances are when you look in the public restroom or breakroom wherever you may be, you will see a soap dispenser that is either a “bulk” soap dispenser or a “sealed” soap dispenser.


Q1-Waxie-selectSpa Quality Foam Soap Formulations Delivered In A Sleek Modern Dispensing Design
WAXIE Select™ Foam Handwash Dispensing Systems add a touch of class to your facility with refreshing, spa-quality foam soap formulations that people love and a new modern and sleek design.


No-Touch Soap Dispensers - Now With No-Hassle Battery-On-The Refill Technology
No-touch dispensing technology has been a great advance in the hand hygiene category – and this technology has been successfully applied to every facet of hand washing, from hand towel dispensers to faucets to hand soap dispensers.



Create A Healthier and More Productive Workforce
It is estimated that communicable diseases lead to millions of lost days at work, schools and universities each year. These lost days lead to rising healthcare costs and lost productivity which costs U.S. employers $576 billon dollars annually – not to mention being a total drag for the people who are sick.



Recycling - China's National Sword Policy and a Call for Standardized Bin Labeling
Recycling is an activity which has been a part of human societies practically since history has been recorded, and there is evidence of recycling going back to Byzantine times, and even much earlier according to some studies.


Q2-clorox-360Protect Your Facility With Clorox® Total 360® System
Illness can have major implications for offices – from absenteeism to closures and negative press caused by outbreaks. And at no time is this more prevalent than during cold and flu season.