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Concrete Floor Care

Cleaning your concrete on a regular basis and keeping it sealed are essential for a good concrete maintenance program. It will not only help keep them looking great, but will also extend the life of your concrete and save you from any heavy-duty cleaning long term.

Benefits of Concrete Cleaner:

  • Removes normal dirt and grime buildup
  • Removes rust and other stains
  • Restore concrete appearance

Benefits of Concrete Sealer:

  • Repels water
  • Dust proofs the surface
  • Increases resistance to abrasion
  • Produces an appealing, glossy surface 



Stone Floor Care

Many people assume that stone flooring is a permanent material that does not need maintenance or care, but if stone is neglected or abused, the natural beauty of the stone will not be preserved. Since natural stone is actually a chemical in a solid form, it can react to improper cleaning chemicals that are not specifically designed to clean natural stone surfaces such as marble, granite, limestone, slate, terrazzo, terra cotta, etc. Using chemicals that are not made for natural stone can cause fading, discoloration or dulling of the stone surface within days, weeks, or even minutes. 

In order to preserve the natural beauty of stone surfaces, it is vital to use a daily maintenance program specifically designed for these surfaces. Your WAXIE Sanitary Maintenance Consultant will gladly design a simple stone maintenance program for you. Whether you have stone floors, counter tops, shower walls, fountains, or vanities, we have a system for you.