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Posted by WAXIE Buzz on Jan 21, 2022 10:47:00 AM

2022 Trends for the Cleaning Industry: Help Wanted

By: Briana Smith & Caitlin Dimalanta | January 21, 2022

The last couple years have been a roller coaster ride for everyone, complete with steep inclines, unexpected dips, sharp curves, and upside-down loop de loops, but the cleaning industry, in particular, has felt the impact on the pandemic keenly.

Janitors, custodial crews, housekeeping and environmental services staff have been on the frontline the entire time, keeping everyone as healthy as possible through cleaning.

And like many industries, we’re being affected by all sorts of shortages—from labor to supplies—that affect day-to-day capabilities and operations.

These issues have accelerated many of the trends that we’ve been seeing the last few years to maximize a facility maintenance program’s productivity through more effective and efficient processes and innovations.

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Posted by WAXIE Buzz on Oct 21, 2021 9:35:00 AM

Boost Productivity and Improve Cleanliness with Sanitaire’s HydroClean

Guest Post By: Sanitaire  |  October 21, 2021

Choosing the right equipment impacts your bottom line beyond the product acquisition cost. Choosing equipment that boosts productivity, reduces labor costs and delivers an exceptional clean are all factors to consider.

The cost of janitorial wages alone can be as high as 75 to 80 percent of budgets. Eliminating time-consuming, multi-step cleaning processes can improve employee productivity during their scheduled shift.

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Posted by WAXIE Buzz on Apr 29, 2021 9:35:00 AM

Why Regularly Cleaning Around Urinals Is a Must

Guest Post By:Kaivac |  April 15, 2021

A study published in Emerging Infectious Diseases reports that traces of the pathogens that cause coronavirus can be found in an infected person's urine.

Further, another study, published by scientists from China’s Yangzhou University, finds that when urinals are used by people infected with the virus, traces of coronavirus can become airborne when the urinal is flushed. In the process, the pathogens can be inhaled by others in the restroom.

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Topics: restroom cleaning, covid-19

Posted by WAXIE Buzz on Apr 1, 2021 9:39:35 AM

Battery Maintenance for Cleaning Equipment

By: Mike Anderson  |  March 4, 2021

There are many different varying opinions on how to maintain deep cycle batteries, so always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions. With that said, I have learned a few things over the years and found that the following advice works in most scenarios.

In general, batteries are designed well and last many years IF maintained properly. Maintenance includes “watering” of wet cell batteries, as well as monitoring the amount of charge cycles a battery can consume. Batteries don’t go bad in general, users cause the batteries to go bad. This is NOT pointing a finger at a specific user, or users, but explaining the lack of training users of battery equipment receive, or retain.

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Posted by WAXIE Buzz on Mar 8, 2021 9:11:21 AM

International Women's Day: Challenging What's Possible

March 8, 2021  |  By: WAXIE Editorial Staff

The Jan/San and cleaning industries have historically been considered male dominated, especially in certain career paths and leadership positions. Yet over the last several years there's been a lot more awareness and a paradigm shift as both companies and the industry professionals are making strides to provide tools, access to resources, and mentorship opportunities for women to build meaningful careers.

In 2015, the Hygieia Network (an ISSA charity) paved the way for women in the industry to connect with and support one another, as well as have access to the resources to advance professionally in their careers. WAXIE has been a huge supporter of the Hygieia Network and many of our staff are members. But there's still quite a way to go.

As we've done the last two years, we would like to acknowledge some of the hard working women across WAXIE who are challenging the status quo of what's possible—from operations to leadership roles. This year though, we're including a few words from their coworkers who nominated them for this recognition.

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Posted by WAXIE Buzz on Feb 19, 2021 9:32:00 AM

Meet the Newest Member of Your Cleaning Team: The Nilfisk SC50 Autonomous Floor Scrubber

Guest Blog By: Nilfisk  |  February 18, 2021

In the wake of COVID-19, cleaning teams face more pressure than ever to clean quickly and effectively. Beyond the basics of ensuring facilities are cleaned to the desired standard, cleaners are quite literally tasked with ensuring the health and safety of everyone who enters a facility.

At the same time, workforce challenges continue. Cleaning teams often work at a staffing rate of only 70-75% and the employee turnover rate can be as high as 200%.

These factors combined have led more organizations to embrace autonomous cleaning solutions as a way to stretch their cleaning dollar further.

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Topics: flooring, machines & equipment, facility maintenance

Posted by WAXIE Buzz on Feb 4, 2021 10:45:00 AM

Improve ventilation? Improve the air instead.

Guest Blog By: AeraMax Professional from Fellowes Brands  |  February 4, 2021

Understanding Aerosolized Transmission

COVID-19 has changed the way managers think about office facilities; as workers shifted to working from home because of various state mandates, these managers have wrestled with ways of keeping staff safe once employees eventually return to the workplace. Some advocate unrealistic measures, like blocking off huge swaths of an office building, or attempting to create traffic flow patterns by taping off access to areas. Some look to eliminate conference rooms or common areas. But others look to significantly reduce risks by addressing the source of aerosol transmission of pathogens and viruses—indoor air.

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Topics: indoor air quality, workplace wellness, covid-19

Posted by WAXIE Buzz on Nov 3, 2020 3:17:52 PM

NETWORK® Honors WAXIE Sanitary Supply with Member of the Year Award

WAXIE Wins Industry Recognition Award for the Fifth Time


October 29, 2020

SAN DIEGO, CA October 29, 2020 – NETWORK® Services Company has honored WAXIE Sanitary Supply with the Member of the Year Award in recognition of WAXIE’s successful collaboration on policies, programs and vendor relationships within NETWORK.

Alan Tomblin, President of NETWORK, presented Charles Wax, WAXIE’s Chairman of the Board, and David Wax, immediate past Chairman of the Network Services Board of Directors, with this prestigious award during their annual trade show which took place virtually on October 26, 2020.

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Posted by WAXIE Buzz on Oct 8, 2020 1:26:35 PM

Why Choose Dilution Control?

By: WAXIE Editorial Staff  |  October 8, 2020

There are three common methods of purchasing cleaning chemicals: ready-to-use (RTU), bulk concentrates and dilution control systems.

And while they all have their benefits and uses, when possible, dilution control of chemicals is the most advantageous method you can use.

Dilution control provides you with the most cost-effective use of chemicals; reduced “re-cleaning” because the cleaning job is done with the right dilution the first time; and reduction of hazards because the system, not the people, handles the concentrated chemicals.

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Topics: cleaning chemicals, dilution control, cleaning tips