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NSS has always employed the philosophy of design simplicity--uncomplicated solutions that avoid unnecessary, trouble-prone gadgetry. That's why their machines last longer and need fewer repairs. When repairs are needed, design simplicity makes NSS machines easy for technicians to service. The result for our customers is significantly longer equipment life, less downtime for service and repairs, and lower machine lifecycle costs. When you purchase NSS equipment, you are truly making an investment in an asset that will be around for years to come.

WAXIE Sanitary Supply carries NSS equipment such as NSS commercial vacuums, NSS extractors, NSS floor scrubbers, NSS floor machines and specialty NSS cleaning machines for your home, office or industrial space! WAXIE also can service and repair your used NSS equipment.


NEW! NSS eForce 27" Ride-On Burnisher


Taking riding cleaning machines in a new direction, the eForce(TM) Burnisher trades a steering wheel and foot pedal for a joystick creating a cleaning machine that has pinpoint control with less fatigue than other rider burnishers. Beyond the joystick, our touchscreen display adds functionality never seen in a cleaning machine, including built-in training guides.

NSS eForce Catalog Sheet

Item #571107


NSS Champ 2929 Ride-On Scrubber


Easy to operate ride-on scrubber with 29" cleaning path has 29-gallon solution tank and 32-gallon recovery tank. The Champ 2929 is tough enough for big jobs, yet compact enough to fit through a 36" doorway. Turns completely around in a 67" space, has a rotocast polyethylene body and a curved squeegee with Linatex-rubber blades. 41,580 square feet per hour cleaning rate. Utilizes twin 15" short trim pad holders. Has a 2-HP brush drive motor and a 0.75-HP three-stage vacuum motor for total water pick-up. 36V power system offers increased run time.

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NSS Whisker Vacuumized Pre-Sweep for Champ Ride-On Scrubbers

NSS Whisker Vacuumized Pre-Sweep for Champ Ride-On ScrubbersEliminate dust mopping and boost productivity with the patented Whisker Vacuumized Pre-Sweep attachment. The patented Whisker Vacuumized Pre-Sweep allows one-pass sweeping and scrubbing on hard floor surfaces. Designed with every Champ in mind, the Whisker can be added to any model of Champ, past or present. When ordered with a new Champ, the Whisker installation will be done free of charge in the NSS factory. After unpacking the machine, simply attach the actuator to the Whisker and it is ready to use. The Whisker Vacuumized Pre-Sweep is ideal for environments with occasional large debris and large open spaces. Ideal for School hallways, Airports, Convention centers, Retail stores and Hospitals. The Whisker Vacuumized Pre-Sweep uses counter-rotating brushes to sweep large debris up a ramp into the debris hopper. A vacuum motor pulls fine dirt under the ramp and into a filter bag that removes 99% of particles at 0.3 microns.

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NSS Sidewinder 27" Mechanical Sweeper

describe the imageLightweight and maneuverable. 27" sweeping path, adjustable pressure main broom and side broom and 1.4 cubic feet (40 liters) hopper capacity. Up to 31,000 square feet per hour sweeping area. When pushing the sweeper, the larger rear wheels activate the brushes to sweep debris into the hopper.

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NSS Pacer 30 Wide-Area Vac

nss-pacer-30-wide-area-vac.pngCRI Bronze Level Seal of Approval/Green Label Certified

Two 1-HP vacuum motors and 0.33-HP brush motor, 30" path, beaterbrush upright vac with brush-assisted propulsion, 1.5 bushel cloth filter bag and a convenient adjustable handle that folds down for storage. (Version with detail wand and attachments, and/or HEPA filter available special order.) See specifications table for details.

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NSS Thoroughbred 20" 1.5-HP Floor Machine

nss thoroughbred 20 floor machine with pad driver1.5-HP floor machine is great for contract cleaning. Precision balance for maximum cleaning efficiency and reduced operator fatigue lets you polish, spray buff, scrub, spin clean or rotary scrub carpets with one machine. Includes pad driver. See specifications table for details.

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