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WAXIE Capital Funding

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WAXIE Mechanization Productivity

WAXIE has partnered with the cleaning industry's leading equipment manufacturers, ICE (Intelligent Cleaning Equipment), Advance, NSS and Karcher and offers a full line of industry leading commercial vacuums, extractors, scrubbers, floor machines and specialty cleaning machines designed to increase your facility's cleaning productivity. Whether you are meeting the high cleaning standards of the healthcare market or striving for immaculate guest perception in the hospitality market, our equipment will help you provide solutions specific to any application.

WAXIE Capital Funding

WAXIE offers commercial floor cleaning equipment for a variety of applications including manufacturing, shopping malls, hospitals and many other government and commercial buildings.

Benefits of Leasing

WAXIE is focused in providing companies leasing tools as a finance option for capital expenditures.

  • Conserve working capital
  • Simple application process
  • Personal tax savings under IRS section 179
  • Quick turnaround time on approval process
  • Fixed monthly payments
  • Competitive lease rates
  • Trade up to new equipment
  • Provides you the equipment needed for your success


Guaranteed Approval

No matter what your credit situation may be, WAXIE Capital Funding offers guaranteed credit approval. How is this possible?

  • As mentioned above, there is no such thing as a credit denial only a solution for your credit approval
  • WAXIE utilizes the leading lending companies in the business today in order to find the right deal for you
  • Once your application is submitted all lenders immediately start the proposal process
  • Once WAXIE has received all proposals the customer is presented with all the offers
  • The customer will always have the final decision in selecting their choice of options
  • Once a decision has been made, your lender will perform their legal due diligence then contact you to formalize your approval