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Innovation in Battery-Powered Cleaning Equipment: Lithium-Ion Batteries

Lithium-Ion Batteries – In Your Phone, In Your Laptop -- and on Mars?

Lithium-ion batteries are seemingly all around us – they are the batteries which power our cell phones, tablets, gaming consoles, laptop computers, and cordless power tools, and they are even being used to power many of the hybrid and full electric vehicles which are increasingly making their way on to our roads.

The technology is even being used in outer space to power NASA’s Mars Rovers (both Spirit and Opportunity, as well as Curiosity) as they explore the terrain and take images of Mars in our ongoing efforts to answer age-old questions about how planets are formed and if there is indeed life beyond Earth!

Why are lithium-ion batteries being used in all of these applications?

The widespread usage of this type of battery is given to the fact that lithium ion batteries have “an unmatchable combination of high energy and power density, making it the technology of choice for portable electronics, hybrid tools, and hybrid/full electric vehicles” according to an article posted on ScienceDirect – and because of its “light weight, high energy density and ability to recharge” according to a webpage on the US Department of Energy website.

The cleaning industry has been accustomed to using other battery technologies for cleaning equipment– such as lead acid or “wet” batteries, and AGM/gel or “sealed” batteries – and these batteries are well accepted and prevalent. There are some undeniable benefits to using something that is tried and true, and familiar.

But what if a lithium-ion battery – and all the inherent benefits of this technology – could be used to power an autoscrubber, or even a backpack vacuum?

Hello Lithium-Ion BatteriesLithium-Ion-Ice.jpg

Now cleaning equipment exists in the market which utilizes lithium-ion battery technology – and the following benefits are available for larger pieces of equipment such as autoscrubbers and burnishers:

  • Lasts up to 8x longer than traditional batteries
  • Maintains a longer run time over the life of the battery
  • Requires virtually no maintenance, thus eliminating the need to train staff on proper ongoing battery maintenance (as well as the subsequent need to replace batteries when they are not properly maintained)
  • Allows for ability to charge batteries at user’s convenience without worrying about wasting charging cycles

In addition, the lithium-ion battery technology is also being utilized in cordless backpack vacuums – and the following benefits are available in this application:

  • Offers 30% increase in productivity and mobility when compared to corded backpack vacuums – and 5x increase in productivity when compared to upright vacuums
  • Eliminates restrictions of a power cord, and associated cord management tasks
  • Offers fast charging
  • Provides lightweight battery-powered option

Is a Lithium-Ion Battery Powered Piece of Equipment the Right Choice for Your Facility?

Please work with your local WAXIE Account Consultant to determine if this innovative new battery technology can benefit your cleaning operation.


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With Lithium-Ion Your  Battery Problems are Over!

One Lithium-Ion battery prevents the replacement of 32 or more lead acid batteries over the lifetime of a scrubber

Lithium-ion batteries are:

Maintenance free

Chargeable at user’s convenience

i-Synergy machines meet all LEED and CIMS criteria