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Can Liners and Receptacles

Can liners and waste receptacles  go hand in hand - you hardly see one without the other and numerous options abound. Typically you want to choose a waste receptacle first and then pick the “right-size” bag to fit into your receptacle. WAXIE offers a variety types of both can liners & waste receptacles and we can help you find the right fit for your facility.

Can liners come in a variety of bottom seals (star seal, gusset & flat), they have different thicknesses (gauges) measured in mils or microns, and there are two main resin types (LLDPE & HDPE), although others are also available.

Waste receptacles come in an array of sizes and materials as well (metal, plastic, fiberglass, concrete, etc.) and can be decorative, utilitarian, basic, etc. depending on your needs. Many of these receptacles can also be incorporated into a recycling system.

DuraStar Liners by WAXIE

WAXIE’s DuraStar Can Liners set the standard for the industry. These durable can liners are manufactured with both linear low density and high density resins and are available in a variety of sizes and colors. All DuraStar can liners have “star bottom” seals that provide exceptional strength and performance. DuraStar’s topside dual-dispensing cartons allow you to pull from the top or may be stacked to save space while still dispensing liners from the side.

You can trust DuraStar liners. They are clearly labeled with correct specifications so you can be assured that you are getting the exact size, gauge, weight and count that you order. DuraStar can liners also comply with all federal and state regulations.

Waste Receptacles

WAXIE offers many types of waste receptacles in a variety of categories to fit the needs of any facility indoor and out. And the solutions for your waste management needs don’t end there.

Mobile waste collection, sortation, recycling systems, solar compactors, and more are available to help you handle your waste disposal from the trash being tossed into a wastebasket all the way to where your trash collector makes their weekly rounds to your dumpsters.

And let's not forget additional accessories like caddy bags, dollies, liner dispensers, etc. that make waste collection easier.