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DuraStar Liners: Features and Benefits

WAXIE’s DuraStar can liners set the standard for the industry. These durable can liners are manufactured with both linear low-density and high-density resins and are available in a variety of sizes and colors. All DuraStar can liners have “star bottom” seals that provide exceptional strength and performance. DuraStar’s topside dual-dispensing cartons allow you to pull from the top or may be stacked to save space while still dispensing liners from the side. 

You can trust DuraStar liners. They are clearly labeled with correct specifications so you can be assured that you are getting the exact size, gauge, weight and count that you order. DuraStar can liners also comply with all federal and state regulations. 

How To Select The Right DuraStar Can Liners For Your Facility



Film thickness is no longer the standard for judging bag strength. Advanced resins and additives have allowed manufacturers to produce thinner,

lighter trash bags that are stronger than thicker bags made from lesser quality raw materials.

Static load (lifting strength) is the best way to choose bag strength. See example in Step 4.

Select from the WAXIE Product Catalog or from the “Product” section on the WAXIE website (www.waxie.com).



Rely on DuraStar

  • Highest quality raw materials
  • State-of-the-art testing equipment
  • Continuous research and product development
  • High-performance standards for tear specifications
  • High-performance standards for impact specifications
  • High-performance standards for dry/wet load capacity specifications
  • Commitment to quality and support

Advantages of Star Seal

The Star Seal is the best type of seal on the market. Designed without gussets, the Star Seal eliminates gaps along the seal where leaks can occur. This allows the bag to more easily conform to the shape of the container and distributes refuse weight evenly inside the bag. Star Seal liners maximize the bags carrying capacity and virtually eliminates leaks.

Advantages of Coreless Rolls

  • Portion Control: A maintenance worker knows exactly how many are on a roll vs. just grabbing a handful of flat pack bags. This also is an inventory management benefit.
  • Ease in Dispensing: Easier to carry 25-50 bags because of the packaging.
  • Portability: Easier to put on a cart or some other dispensing option (Coreless Roll Dispenser)


Topside dual-dispensing packaging packed for end user convenience, our topside dual-dispensing cartons were developed in response to customers’ needs. Now, cartons may be stacked to save space while still dispensing liners with greater ease.