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What is SOLSTA™?

SOLSTA is short for Solution Station®, WAXIE’s unique dilution control system that includes dispensers and a wide variety of chemicals. 

WAXIE designs our systems to take the guesswork out of dilution control. We want to ensure the right product is hooked up to the right dilution control button, so we actively reinforce this with the use of color-coding, numbers, pictures, etc. The WAXIE secondary labeling system also helps ensure spray bottles are filled and used correctly.

Chemical Dispensing Solutions For Any Cleaning Application

Closed-loop, accurate, safe and spill resistant chemical dispensing. Full-color, in-use application photos on chemical concentrate refills and secondary labels help your employees always use the right solution in the right place.

An unbeatable combination in chemical dispensing! Highly effective products, precise dilution, increased worker safety, and simplicity in-use all add up to the most cost-effective dilution control system you can find.

WAXIE Solution Station can be customized to meet your needs.

Education | Safely and effectively clean and disinfect campus surfaces to provide a clean and safe learning environment for students and staff.

Hospitality | Effectively and efficiently clean, disinfect, degrease, and deodorize surfaces on your property to provide a clean and fresh guest experience for visitors.

Food Processing | Degrease and sanitize food prep areas, glassware, utensils, processing equipment and machinery.

Building Service Contractors | No matter the surface or cleaning challenge, WAXIE Solution Station cleaning chemicals can help you get the job done quickly, effectively, and on-budget.

Government | Achieve a clean, healthy, green, and safe building environment while also meeting governmental executive orders.

Industrial/Manufacturing | Remove the toughest soils and greases with WAXIE Solution Station cleaners and degreasers.

Healthcare | Provide a clean and healthy environment for patients, staff, and visitors which has been effectively cleaned and then disinfected with hospital-grade disinfectants.

Commercial Real Estate | Deliver a clean, healthy, and high-performing workplace for building occupants with WAXIE Solution Station cleaning chemicals.

NexGen-WAX_3200-smWAXIE SOLSTA NEXGEN| Versatile Dilution Control

The ultimate in versatility with its capability of dispensing up to four different products for both bucket fill and bottle fill applications at different dilutions.

  • Pre-setup out of the box, no assembly required
  • Pre-plumbed for up to 4-bottle and 3 bucket fill applications
  • Easy servicing with unobstructed dual doors
  • Easy to access valve assembly
  • Clear water rinse option
  • Drip tray with drainage
  • Compact design
  • Stainless steel cabinet with durable plastic doors

Individual & Modular Components
WAXIE Solution Station’s modular components make customization or modifications a snap. You can quickly and easily connect individual, wall-mounted 1 Solution Station or 4 Solution Station units together as needed.

WAXIE-FDC-WAX_1120-1000x1500pxWAXIE SOLSTA FDC| Flexible Dilution Control

Wall-mounted proportioning/dilution control system with quick docking station change-out feature. Quickly change Solution Station chemicals and reduce the time. Features one-hand fill for spray bottles and a 7-foot remote fill gun for bucket fill applications.

Simple plug and go docking station allows complete flexibility for use with all WAXIE SOLSTA products, saving set up time and costs, and allowing for a customizable proportioning/dilution control system.

One-Handed Convenience
Wall-mounted dispensers provide ready-to-use solutions safely and easily with one-handed bottle fill and bucket fill options.

Smart Engineering
The Flex-Gap™ backflow preventer minimizes product foaming, moisture in the cabinet and meets the strictest regulatory requirements.

Accuracy of Dilution
The color-coded metering tips are safely locked away in a closed-loop insert, thus providing constant product performance.

solsta-pdc-2WAXIE SOLSTA PDC| Portable Dilution Control

The WAXIE SOLSTA PDC (Portable Dilution Control) is designed to dispense ready-to-use solution for all types of applications ranging from bottle fill to bucket fill to autoscrubber fill to direct spray applications. 

  • No installation time
  • No service requirements
  • Fingertip dispensing
  • Small, lightweight, portable
  • Bottle and bucket fill
  • Water rinse setting capability
  • Foam spray accessory option



WAXIE VERSA™  |  High Performance Cleaning Caddy

A versatile whole building no-touch cleaning machine! Supports a multitude of cleaning challenges from vacuuming, washing floors and walls, to cleaning locker rooms. Converts to a complete carpet care cleaning machine for vacuuming, spotting, extracting and pressure washing.