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Low Maintenance Floor Care Solutions

Floor care is one of the most time-consuming and challenging tasks that custodial teams are faced with, especially in areas that receive a lot of wear and tear from foot traffic on a daily basis.

Whether you are a building service contractor, an in-house custodial department or a professional cleaning company, developing a solid floor care program with the right type of products for your flooring material is essential.

Floors are often overlooked and as facilities begin the reopening process it’s worthwhile to check the state of your floors. If they are in rough condition, taking the time to refinish them can prepare your facility to open at full capacity and welcome back the influx of customers as the amount of in person activity increases.

An investment in your facility flooring will keep your business on solid ground!

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The Challenges of Maintaining Your Floors

One of the biggest headaches for cleaning and maintaining VCT and terrazzo floors is removing old semi-permanent urethane coatings and other conventional co-polymer finishes efficiently and effectively from your flooring surface. This process is labor intensive and demands a substantial chunk of time, so minimizing the need to do this maintenance will save you on money and time in the long run.

Another frequent problem is alcohol hand sanitizer, which can cause a lot of damage depending on your floor finish. WAXIE’s Diamond Guard TZ Catalyzed Mop-on Urethane Floor Finish is unique in that it is both alcohol and Bedadine® resistant, so it’s ideal for operating rooms in hospitals and can be applied with a flat mop instead of a roller.

Advantages of Urethane Floor Finishes

There are many types of floor finishes that can be used on synthetic floors, but urethane-based floor finishes are one of the most resilient available and reduce the need to completely strip and refinish your floors to once a year as long as you keep up with basic maintenance.

diamond-guard-collageBenefits of Urethane Floor Finishes:

  • Easier to maintain through daily & interim cleaning procedures
  • More durable and resistant to scratches
  • High quality level of appearance
  • Long-lasting
  • Provide cost & labor savings (due to less maintenance needed)

For Long-Lasting Floor Care Results

WAXIE Diamond Guard Urethane Remover  | 322200 
For urethane and acrylic finish removal on all floors

Formulated to specifically remove catalyzed urethane finishes and mixes 1:1 with water and is applied with a roller cover. It's rapid strip time of 30-60 minutes works by breaking and lifting a urethane finishes bond and sealer from the flooring surface. No need for heavy-duty stripping pads required. The product can remove up to 100 coats of acrylic floor finish, is fragrance-free and dye-free.

WAXIE Diamond Guard Urethane Remover Product Use Guidelines

  • Urethane Removal: One gallon can remove100-200 square feet
  • Acrylic Removal: One gallon can remove 100-2400 square feet


  • Will not damage VCT flooring
  • Rapid strip-out time — 30-60 minutes
  • Breaks and lifts urethane bond and sealer from floor
  • Zero VOC’s, per Consumer Goods Regulations
  • NON-CORROSIVE; pH of less than 11.0
  • DOT Non-Regulated = Lower freight costs
  • Will not ‘dry-out’ like typical floor strippers
  • Will not yellow the surface
  • Residue easily cleaned with WAXIE's Diamond Klenz Neutral Cleaner mixed with water at proper dilution
  • Fragrance- and dye-free
  • Low odor

Tips on Interim Floor Care: Save Time, Money & Labor

WAXIE Diamond Guard TZ Catalyzed Mop-on Urethane Floor Finish | 933101 
For VCT and terrazzo

Perfect for hard floors like VCT and terrazzo that require a floor finish that is as flexible as it is durable. This easy application mop-on finish requires a minimum of two coats with an option for three coats for added protection. The high solid urethane finish is fast drying, fast leveling, and resists streaking and lines. It is a non-yellowing, low odor finish with excellent scratch and mar resistance.

WAXIE Diamond Guard TZ Catalyzed Mop-on Urethane Floor Finish also resists alcohol hand sanitizer, Betadine® and mottling and hazing caused from burnishing.


  • Easy application – just mop-on 
  • Available in one (1) gallon kits
  • Only two (2) coats; three (3) coats for added protection
  • Fast leveling – resists streaking and lines
  • Fast dry 20-40 minutes per coat
  • High solids urethane – 25%+ solids
  • High gloss with excellent gloss retention
  • Resists ‘mottled/hazy’ finish caused from burnishing
  • Fast diamond pad response – conditioning and reconditioning
  • Hand sanitizer resistant – no white spots
  • Betadine® stain resistant
  • Excellent scratch and mar resistance
  • Very flexible film formation – resists damage
  • Non-yellowing
  • Low odor
  • Coverage: 1200-1500 sq. ft./gallon (per coat)

Contact your local WAXIE Chemical Specialist or Account Consultant for more information on our WAXIE Diamond Guard Systems or to request a demonstration of these uniquely formulated products.