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Advance Brand Products: Part of the Nilfisk-Advance Group

Nilfisk-Advance is among the world’s leading suppliers of professional commercial and industrial floor cleaning equipment with manufacturing facilities in Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Hungary, USA, Singapore and China. WAXIE Sanitary Supply carries Advance equipment such as Advance commercial vacuums, Advance extractors, Advance floor scrubbers, Advance floor machines and specialty Advance cleaning machines for your home, office or industrial space! WAXIE also can service and repair your used Advance equipment.


Advance SC750™ REV Walk-Behind Orbital Scrubber with EcoFlex™Advance750_REV.png

The Advance SC750 REV 28-inch autoscrubber features two 14" dual random orbiting (2,250 orbits/minute and a 10-RPM 2nd orbit) scrub heads that have the ability to clean in four different and distinct cleaning modes. The SC750 REV’s two 14" pads provide consistent contact across the cleaning path and feature an orbital motion that spins at 2250-RPM. These orbits attack the dirt from multiple directions, and hold the cleaning solution in the full area of the pads, compared to traditional rotary scrubbers that sling water away from a round pad. The SC750 REV 28-inch can clean chemical-free with just plain water.

The REV has the ability to damp strip VCT or terrazzo floors without using chemicals. It can clean with detergent utilizing the dashboard mounted detergent on/off button for variable dilutions. The 21-gallon solution and recovery tanks provide long continuous cleaning times with reduced trips for dump and refill. 310-AH batteries for long run times between recharging.

Advance REV SC750


Advance SC500 X20R REV 20" Orbital Floor Scrubber


The Advance Adfinity REV 20-IN autoscrubber features a dual random orbiting (2,250 orbits/minute and 30RPM 2nd orbit) scrub head that has the ability to clean in four different and distinct cleaning modes. The REV's pad provides consistent contact across the cleaning path and features an orbital motion that spins at 2,250 RPM. These orbits attack the dirt from multiple directions, and hold the cleaning solution in the full length of the pad, compared to traditional rotary scrubbers that sling water away from a round pad. The REV can clean chemical free or with plain water. REV has the ability to damp strip VCT or Terrazzo floors without using chemicals. The REV can clean with detergent utilizing the dashboard mounted detergent on/off button for variable dilutions (32:1 to 400:1) from low to "burst of power" chemical usage. The 10.5 gallon solution and recovery tanks provide up to 105 minutes of continuous cleaning and will reduced trips for dump and refill.

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Item# 570458


Advance Advenger® & Advenger® with EcoFlex™ System Rider Scrubbers570447.jpg

The Advance Advenger rider scrubber with EcoFlex puts green cleaning, deep cleaning and everything in between into your hands. The EcoFlex system gives the ability to meet green cleaning standards and your standards for clean floors. The EcoFlex system’s onboard detergent dispensing feature sets the stage for cleaning green and clean in either of the Advenger’s flexible cleaning modes.

With the versatile performance of the EcoFlex System, the Advenger rider scrubber delivers flexibility that's good for the environment and for the cleanliness of hard floors. Stocked Model: Advenger X2805D-C (model 56601624) with 319-AH and Onboard Charger, 28" disc. 4 each 310-AH wet batteries, onboard charger, 115 VAC/36 VDC, 25 A, two each pad holders.

EcoFlex Version Item# 570447


Advance SC3000™ 26" Compact Rider Scrubberadvance-SC3000-26-compact-rider-scrubber

The Advance SC3000 Compact Rider Scrubber takes automatic rider scrubber technology to a new level of scrubbing performance. Easier operation, green-cleaning results and, above all, a new patented scrubbing deck that performs the hard work for you. Featuring a compact design, the SC3000 provides user-friendly, maneuverable operation in multiple cleaning applications – including those with limited access. Quiet Mode™ makes daytime cleaning in educational facilities and cleaning of noise-sensitive healthcare facilities viable.

Item# 570417


Advance SC750™ & SC800™ Walk-Behind Scrubbers


Advance’s rugged, low-maintenance SC750 and SC800 scrubbers deliver incredible value on a walk-behind platform. High productivity per tank full allows for 84 minutes of continuous scrubbing, which reduces dump/refill cycles and helps provide fast ROI. The optional EcoFlex™ System offers the flexibility to clean across the entire cleaning spectrum from green to clean. At the touch of a button one can switch from chemical-free cleaning to using an ultra low dilution ratio, and of course detergent can be used at full strength for the toughest of soils. The burst of power feature lets you easily apply more pressure, more solution and more detergent at the touch of a single button. With the flexibility to easily apply the right scrubbing performance for the job, you’ll use less detergent, minimize water use and save on cleaning costs. All items listed below include four 242-AH Wet Batteries.

Item# 570431


Advance Advolution™ 2710 Rider Burnisher


Improve floor appearance and save time with the Advolution 2710 Rider Burnisher from Advance. Burnishing more than 34,000 square feet per hour in open areas, the battery powered Advance Advolution 2710 reduces operator fatigue and increases productivity while creating an ultra high-gloss shine. It provides the shine of a propane burnisher without the emissions. The dust collection system effectively collects the dust and eliminates the need of dusting after burnishing. With no cords, no fumes, no emissions, no mess and an extremely quiet 1600-RPM motor, the Advance Advolution 2710 has a 3-hour minimum run time between recharging. 

Item# 571143



Advance FM810™ ST & XPfm810.png

The next evolution of Advance orbital scrubbing floor machines is here: the Advance FM810™. The FM810 floor machine delivers the ultimate combination of ease of use and versatility for unmatched cleaning performance in both wet and dry applications. Available in both a standard ST model and a deluxe XP model packed with exclusive patent-pending features geared to BSCs and other power users.

Elevating Power

Featuring a full 1.5 horsepower motor, 160 pounds of down pressure and a 3,540 RPM pad driver, the FM810 is designed to get cleaner floors in fewer passes. That means operators aren’t just getting the floors clean or stripped faster—they are also able to do it with less labor.


  • Baseboard cleaner.
  • Three 21 pound weights.
  • Adjustable, detachable handle.
  • Safety switch – protects against unintended machine start-up.


Advance AquaPLUS™ Battery Carpet Extractor


CRI certified Extraction for a Deeper Clean. The new AquaPLUS battery-powered walk-behind carpet extractors feature Advance’s patented LIFT™ low-moisture technology for a clean that is CRI certified. AquaPLUS extractors meet CRI Seal of Approval standards for soil removal and dry times in both LIFT and deep-cleaning restoration mode, giving you the confidence that your carpets will be truly clean and ready to use fast. AquaPLUS extractors with LIFT (Low-moisture, Indirect spray, Fast dry time, True cleaning) feature a patented spray system for faster dry times. The single-spray nozzle design eliminates streaking and the possibility of water overlap that can lead to delayed drying.

Item# 573351



Advance Terra® 3700B Rider Sweeper

ad-terra.jpgFeatures a 37" sweep path with standard dual side brooms for left or right side edging. The exterior is rotationally molded out of heavy-duty polyethylene and is built around a steel chassis for superior durability. The maximum productivity is 52,095 square feet per hour combined with incredible maneuverability that allows a 180° forward turn in 59". Easily fits through standard doorways with flexible side brooms, and is small enough to transport on most elevators. Additionally, the Terra 3700B includes two 12V 195-AH batteries for maximum runtime and includes an onboard battery charger. The combination of these factors allows the Terra 3700B to efficiently clean a wide range of facilities with both hard and soft flooring.

Item# 576616


Advance Spectrum™ 12P & 15P Single Motor Upright Vacuums

advance-spectrum-12P-15p-single-motor-upright-vacuums.pngCRI Bronze Level Seal of Approval/Green Label Certified
Advance’s 12" and 15" Spectrum single motor upright vacuums deliver superior results with performance where it matters most: dirt pickup and filtration. Spectrum’s innovative design has earned the CRI Seal of Approval – signifying that Spectrum meets the industry’s newest dirt pickup and filtration standards for vacuum performance. These standards are more stringent than those for Green Label certification. And at a budget-conscious price, it offers better performance at a fraction of the cost to clean. Spectrum’s filtration performance is due to the vacuum’s three stage filtration system, which includes a certified HEPA filter. See specifications table for details.

12P Item# 574353, 15P Item# 574354