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Protexus Electrostatic Sprayers - Next Generation Infection Control Tools

Traditional approaches to disinfecting and sanitizing can’t keep up with the rising infectious disease crisis. Ineffective and expensive, they don’t have the tools or technology to get the job done effectively or on time. The result is unsafe, potentially contaminated environments ripe for breeding and spreading disease.



The electrostatic advantage


Protexus sprayers are superior to any other sprayer, mister or fogger. This cutting-edge system combines electrostatic delivery with advanced battery technology that empowers your staff to effectively disinfect more thoroughly and with less training than ever before.

  • Lightweight & Portable - Light enough at 3.8 lbs. to quickly navigate from surface to surface and room to room
  • Head Light - Illuminate work surface to provide a clear view of intended coverage
  • Ergonomic - Over Molded Handle Provides a soft grip for added comfort
  • Trigger Lock - Trigger can be locked in place to prevent accidental spraying.

How bad is the infectious disease epidemic?

A 2014 Brown University study states, since 1980 infectious outbreaks have been dramatically increasing. Research America! puts the cost of infectious disease in 2014 at $120 billion in the United States alone. In hospitals, day care facilities, schools, hotels, gyms, cruise ships, restaurants – places you’d expect disinfection protocol to be the very best – why are so many people getting sick? Ineffective, inefficient protocol and technology are to blame. What would happen if you didn’t need to rely on outdated practices? Instead, empower your team with more effective, more efficient tools.

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360˚ Coverage cleans around curved & hard to reach surfaces

Electrostatic charged droplets create a field in the spray plume that is magnetically drawn to any surface within 6 feet. With an attraction coefficient 15 times greater than gravity, the electrostatic force field is so powerful the plume reverses direction to coat hidden and hard to reach surfaces that would typically be missed by conventional spraying or misting equipment.* Unlike other systems, the Protexus sprayer’s unique threetiered applicator nozzle is easily adjusted to change droplet size, accommodating any product’s labeling requirement. This fine-tuning capability provides unmatched flexibility – ensuring consistent performance and versatility, while eliminating the waste

How does electrostatic delivery work?


Protexus electrostatic delivery technology is a revolutionary approach to infectious disease protection and sanitization. Here’s how it works: the electrostatic process atomizes the cleaning product with highpressurized air. The droplets pass an electrode inside the nozzle creating a magnetically charged spray that seeks out and wraps around all touch points and grounded room surfaces.

How would that impact your organization?

It’s time for a new way – a better way. Protexus’ cutting-edge, battery-powered electrostatic sprayers provide a whole new way to attack the problem. A ‘game-changing’ approach that arms every technician with powerful tools and technology to protect your facility while saving time and money.

Advanced battery technology: Mobility, portability & power

protexus-batteryProtexus’ battery-powered sprayers are superior to traditional products such as foggers, spray bottles, misting units, or pump sprayers. These are ineffective for numerous reasons – too expensive, time intensive, wasteful, as well as potentially creating problems like cross contamination and respiratory issues – limitations that make them impractical to be used efficiently or as part of a daily sanitizing regimen. While electrostatic technology has been previously available, its’ effectiveness has been limited by bulky design and dependency on corded power supplies. Leveraging years of experience developing advanced lithiumpowered technologies, our team has created a spraying system that eliminates the drawbacks of traditional approaches. Advanced battery technology has enabled Protexus sprayers to equal (or exceed) the power of ‘corded’ systems, while benefiting from the portability, mobility and flexibility of battery power. Over 4 hours of continuous use on a single charge, delivering unmatched effectiveness make the system practical and affordable enough for daily, facility-wide use.



Smarter, safer, sustainable alternative to bleach

PURTABS are a part of the EvaClean Infection Control System for up to 3X the disinfection and sanitizing coverage using the Protexus line of Electrostatic Sprayers.

PURTABS Effervescent Tablets provide up to 6 different disinfecting and sanitizing solution with the affordability, ease of use, and convenience of a drop and go tablet from.

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