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Robotic Cleaning

For anyone responsible for keeping large areas of floor space clean, automated floor cleaning machines are an attractive alternative to traditional methods. The upfront cost of these machines can be hard to get over; however, only looking at the cost of the machine is short-sighted. Rather, you should think about automated floor cleaning equipment from a broad business perspective.

Understanding how you can leverage automation in existing workflows gives you a much clearer picture of the benefits of floor cleaning machines.


Before we delve into the specifics of why your floor cleaning machine should be a robot, we’ll cover three key terms.

  • AI (Artificial Intelligence): This is how we refer to intelligence in machines as opposed to humans. AI is more powerful than a traditional computer because it can learn things based on its environment.

  • IoT (Internet of Things): See our recent article on how the Internet of Things is changing the cleaning industry.

  • Autonomous Cleaning: Autonomous cleaning is what artificially intelligent cleaning machines do. They autonomously clean, so they clean with no or very little direction or supervision.


5 Reasons Your Floor Cleaning Machines Should Be a Robot

1. Advances in artificial intelligence enable true productivity gains

The idea of some type of automated or semi-automated cleaning machine is not particularly new in the cleaning industry. What sets the newer automated floor cleaning machines apart is that they leverage AI.

These new machines are truly autonomous, meaning human beings don’t have to constantly reset the machines anytime an object gets in the way. Regardless of how your operation runs now, autonomous machines allow you to restructure the way your employees work, making everyone more efficient.

EMMA, by Brain Corp. is an example of an A.I. navigation system that is helping cleaning professionals work smarter.


2. Artificial intelligence and IoT builds productivity on top of productivity

The IoT has revolutionized the way devices communicate with each other in every industry. The cleaning industry is no exception. With several floor cleaning machines that leverage IoT technology in addition to AI, you’re using a machine that gets smarter as you use it.

Moreover, by leveraging the data reporting available on many new cleaning machines, you can optimize cleaning and maintenance schedules. This results in better workflows and extends the life of your equipment. And extended life of your floor cleaning equipment means you’re getting more value for your dollar.

TrackClean fleet management system is just one example of a great software solution that provides easy access to invaluable operational information.


3. Remote access gives you anytime, anywhere access to every machine in your fleet.

Whether you’re operating a fleet of two floor cleaning machines or twenty, you can be sure you know what’s going on at all times. That’s because even though the machines may be autonomous, you still have complete control when you want it. This is applicable for every building, but it’s especially relevant for facilities that need to comply with food safety or other similar regulations.

Knowing what did and didn’t get cleaned and when it happened at the touch of a button can prove invaluable when certifications are on the line. The Nilfisk Liberty SC50 provides cleaning performance reports and remote diagnostics completely wirelessly.


4. They’re easy to use.

Take the EMMA, for example. Built by Brain Corp, EMMA stands for Enabling Mobile Machine Automation. EMMA is a module attached to existing floor cleaning equipment. To get a machine equipped with EMMA up and running, a worker first has to drive the machine on a route.

Through this first drive, EMMA learns the route. Once that’s done, EMMA will run the route the same way the next time, except when something gets in its way, EMMA adapts. Simple.


5. Standardized cleaning across several locations

Even the most qualified, trustworthy workers are still human. Machines, on the other hand, always clean the same way. The cleaning job is predictable, as it should be. And customers, employees and executives at every one of your locations should enjoy the same healthy, clean environment, regardless of your staffing levels.

Depending on your current operation, there may be at least five more reasons you should start employing automated floor cleaning machines. The efficiencies and business insights you’ll gain are hard to predict, but all of them will surely help you improve productivity.