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Mobile Waste Collection

A mobile waste collection system makes waste management and sortation easy to use.

Rubbermaid Mega BRUTE® Mobile Waste Collector

Productive: Highly maneuverable with lockable casters, this 120-gallon capacity (approximately four filled 55-gallon liners) waste collector, that safely transports up to 400-pounds, makes taking out the trash simple. Superior maneuverability with large wheels and lockable swivel casters, mounted in a “diamond” pattern allow 360 degree rotation for moving in tight spaces.

Features: The rear doors on the Mega BRUTE® allow easy, strain-free content removal. There is a storage area on the front of the container to hold extra liners and cleaning supplies. A dual access lid (optional) covers waste and supplies, and the center hinge allows access to either end of the Mega BRUTE®. Fits easily through a standard 36″ doorway and travels easily on and off most elevators.

Multi-Use Capabilities: The Mega BRUTE® is not only great at collecting recycling & trash, but it can be used for linen collection in hospitals and hospitality facilities.

Download the Mega BRUTE Mobile Linen Collector Brochure

Download the Mega BRUTE Mobile Waste Collector Brochure

Rubbermaid Rotomolded Tilt Truck

Tilt Trucks Family 

Material Handling: Durable molded trucks transport heavy loads easily with little effort. All rotationally molded tilt trucks materials are USDA, FDA compliant.

Mobility: Easy to handle and maneuver through commercial hallways and into most elevators. Inset wheels protect walls, fixtures and patrons.

Ease of Use: Constant force design allows for controlled dumping by one person. Smooth surface is easy to clean and resists pitting and corroding.

Rubbermaid has a wide variety of Rotomolded Tilt Trucks — from manually operated, to towable/trainable, and models fully compatible with forklifts and many automated lifts. Optional, hinged lids available for most models — contact your WAXIE Sanitary Maintenance Consultant for additional information.

Download the Material Handling Heavy Duty Cart Brochure