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WAXIE Hard Floor Care Products and Systems

Get Great Looking Hard Floors with Products Designed for Your Needs. 

Whether it is VCT, natural stone, marble, concrete, terrazzo, wood, rubber, ceramic, linoleum or tile and grout, WAXIE can provide you with complete systems and solutions to keep your floors clean, protected, safe and spotless. We feature a wide variety of floor finishes, strippers, sealers, cleaners, equipment, tools and accessories for whatever type of flooring you have underneath your feet.

Once your floors are restored to their original beauty, WAXIE can provide you with entryway matting to enhance protection and increase floor safety. In addition, our Account Consultants can arrange for on-site consultations and training sessions to share their knowledge and expertise.

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From wall to wall, WAXIE’s got what you need.

Diamond Guard™ | The WAXIE Diamond Guard System is an exceptional floor care system that is perfect for education, hospitality, healthcare, government, industrial/manufacturing, commercial real estate and foodservice facilities. It includes a series of urethane finishes and sealers for LVT (luxury vinyl tile), VCT (vinyl composition tile), terrazzo, linoleum, ceramic tile, natural stone, concrete, recycled rubber, and safety, embossed and smooth rubber floors. With minimal application, drying, and curing times plus maximum durability, these finishes and sealers will enhance and protect your facility flooring investment. Click here to learn more about WAXIE Diamond Guard.

Sur-Step™ | In order to restore a floor surface to its original slip-resistant condition, both organic soils (oils, fats and greases) and inorganic soils (alkalines, soaps, carbonates, silicas, minerals, and calciums) must be removed. Inorganic silica and mineral deposits form when water used to clean floor surfaces evaporates and leaves minerals behind in the same way that minerals form on shower doors, windows, toilets and basins. WAXIE Sur-Step chemistry is the only solution which restores slip resistance, removes silica deposits, cleans grease off of surfaces, cleans grout lines, removes general soils and has low corrosive qualities. Click here to learn more about WAXIE Sur-Step.

WAXIE-Green™ Floor Care | A sustainable system approach to resilient floor care maintenance, designed to reduce operational costs through labor and maintenance savings, while maintaining or improving aesthetics and environmental impact. With the WAXIE-Green Floor Care Program, floor finishes are more durable to extend stripping frequency and reduce the necessity for scrub and recoat. This results in labor savings, reduced energy and water use, and lower total operational costs all while retaining appearance and continuing to protect hard flooring. Click here to learn more about WAXIE-Green Floor Care.

Ultra Guard™ | A premium wood floor care program that can handle your daily cleaning routine and simplify the restoration and recoating process. Gym floors that used to take several days to strip and recoat now can be done in a single day! Ultra Sport is a single-component, water-based coating with a one hour dry time between coats under normal conditions that cures in just 24 hours. So you can be up and running the next day. Click here to learn more about Ultra Guard.

Pure Performance | Pure Performance will simplify your floor care maintenance program while simultaneously taking it to a level previously unavailable in the industry. WAXIE has combined the finest floor maintenance chemicals, pads and equipment to give you the Pure Performance advantage. At the heart of the program are three products – Pure Reflection Finish, Pure Rejuvenator Cleaner & Restorer and Pure Annihilator Stripper. The Pure Performance Floor Care System is built on six key attributes: Proper Film Formation, Floor Safety, Deep Gloss, Repairability, Clarity and Labor Savings.

WAXIE Brand Chemicals | In addition to the floor care systems referenced above, WAXIE also offers many other economical and effective WAXIE brand options which have demonstrated a proven track record of performance over time – everything from general purpose floor cleaners and strippers, to finishes and sealers, and even entryway mats, floor pads and mops – for all types of floors.