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WAXIE Counter Mount Soap System

This new touch-free dispensing system features robust construction and a sleek, inviting design. The solid metal soap dispenser, available in four premium finishes, is perfect for high-traffic, upscale restroom locations such as those in airports, casinos and office buildings. The luxury foam soaps also add to a facility’s image and appeal to restroom visitors.

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  • Robust Construction: The strength-tested zinc die cast construction even includes a machine's brass stem and nut.

  • Long Battery Life: The D alkaline batteries, which are included, provide up to 45,000 actuations.

  • Ultra-High Capacity Refills: Up to 2,300 actuations per 2300 ml refill.

  • Waterproof Spout: The sensor is submersible for full assurance around water.

  • Motor House Swivels: Designed for adaptability when mounting in cramped under-sink spaces.

  • Advanced Design: Helps eliminate drips.

  • Latch Release: Makes it simple to load and unload bottles.

  • SANITARY SEALED™: Each bottle is factory sealed, and comes with a new pump.

  • Chrome Finish: Matches restroom fixtures.


WAXIE Counter Mount Dispensers

Counter Mount Dispensers

Features a latch release for quick loading and unloading of refills, so refilling dispensers is easier and faster than with messy, bulk systems. The manual dispenser is guaranteed for life and measures 2"Wx3.25"Hx4.18"D above the counter and 4.25"Wx17.6"Hx4.25"D under the counter. The automatic dispenser is guaranteed for 3 years and measures 2.23"Wx4.29"Hx5.67"D above the counter and 4.25"Wx16.39"Hx4.25"D under the counter. Both fit through counter holes 0.9375" to 1.25" in diameter.

The automatic dispenser uses four D alkaline batteries (included). The sanitary-sealed, high-capacity, 1500 ml refills also feature a new pump with every bottle. Exclusive, patent-pending NEAT DISPENSE™ pump design eliminates messy drips. Each refill contains 1,500 hand washes, offering less chance of running out of soap and reduced labor costs since refills are changed less often.

#385670 each     Manual Counter Mount Dispenser - Chrome Finish
#385671 each     CXI Touch Free Counter Mount Dispenser - Chrome Finish
#385680 each     Touch Free Counter Mount Dispenser - Premium Chrome Finish

#385681 each     Touch Free Counter Mount Dispenser - Premium Brushed Nickel Finish*
#385682 each     Touch Free Counter Mount Dispenser - Premium Gold Tone Finish*
#385683 each     Touch Free Counter Mount Dispenser - Premium Rose Gold Finish*

* Special order finish options, 75 minimum units; allow an additional 10 weeks lead time.

#791218 carton   D Alkaline Battery 12/ea

WAXIE-Green Certified Foam Soap (Counter Mount)

Green Seal GS-41 Certified**
An effective, mild, moisturizing, biodegradable, and contains no dye or fragrance.

#385679 case     2/1500 ml
#386420 case     4/2300 ml

WAXIE-Green Pomeberry Foam Handwash (Counter Mount)

Green Seal GS-41 Certified**
A spa-inspired foam hand soap that offers a luxurious lather and a pleasant pomegranate fragrance. Appealing blue color. Enriched with moisturizer, natural extract and skin conditioner. USDA certified biobased formulation. Delights users while supporting a healthy environment.
#386421 case     4/2300 ml

Pink Counter Mount Foam Soap

A rich, gentle, luxury, foam hand wash for general, light-duty cleaning and is pink in color with a cranberry fragrance.
#385675 case     2/1500 ml

Antimicrobial Counter Mount Foam Soap with PCMX

A soft, rich, light-amber colored, pre-lathered, foam formula with the quick-acting, antimicrobial ingredient PCMX with a sweet pea fragrance.
#385677 case     2/1500 ml