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Carpet Care Products

Typical soil particles found deep down between the tufts of carpet—dirt, sand, dust particles, etc. have over 25 different cutting edges. If left in the carpet, these gritty, sharp-edged particles cut, scratch and grind against carpet fibers, causing premature wear. The carpet loses density and resilience and appears dull and faded. Today’s industrial and commercial carpets can outlast and outperform earlier floor coverings if they receive the correct care. But you need to know what you're doing to get the best results.

Most of the soil that can damage carpet comes from three sources: tracked in dirt from the outside, dust and grease settling from the air, and various kinds of spills. Without proper maintenance, these materials combine with normal traffic to wear and tear carpeting. The good news is that most of this soil can be removed—and the life of your carpet extended—with the right equipment and products outlined below.

Carpet Spotters

Carpet Spotters are a great tool for cleaning small areas where there's ground-in dirt or spots and stains. When you don't need a large carpet extractor reach for your handy carpet spotter to clean up spills or stains. At times you may need to reach into a tight spot, that's when a carpet/upholstery spotter is the perfect tool to effectively remove the problem. Having a carpet spotter on hand will be one of your best investments in keeping a clean carpet.



WAXIE-Green Encapsulating Carpet Spotter

The products encapsulation technology combines unique crystalline polymers that provide the cleaning power to emulsify dry and oily soils. #1070662 

hip shot

WAXIE Hip Shot Carpet Spotter

Aerosol, heavy-duty, general-purpose, carpet spotter for most stains, has a unique “up-side down’’ nozzle for quick application without bending or blotting. #1070740


Folex Spotter

Ready-to-use, general-purpose spotter for all types of spots. Can be used on carpet, walls, clothing, vinyl, woodwork and upholstery (quarts include two sprayers per case). #1070400

Spin Bonnet Cleaners

Bonnet cleaning is an interim-maintenance program typically used in commercial cleaning situations. It is considered a low-moisture cleaning system. This process only cleans the face fibers; it does not get the deep down cleaning results from processes such as shampooing and hot water extraction.


WAXIE-Green Encapsulating Carpet Spin Bonnet Shampoo

A fast acting, quick drying spin bonnet cleaner that uses encapsulating crystalline technology to bind the soil and built-up chemical residue, which is then removed through daily vacuuming.  #1070661

WAXIE Rotokleen

Fast, powerful formula with solvents, wetting agents and penetrants. Citrus fragrance. Ideal for spin cleaning, traffic-lane cleaning and spot cleaning. Dilution: 1:10. Four gallons per case. #1070174


Carpet Pre-Sprays


WAXIE-Green Encapsulating Carpet Pre-Spray

Engineered to effectively attack heavily soiled traffic areas, together with a thorough wet extraction process makes for the ultimate deep clean for carpets. The product breaks down tough grease and dirt quickly, increasing cleaning efficiency. For high powered cleaning, use in conjunction with WAXIE-Green Encapsulating Carpet Extraction Cleaner. #1070663 


Traffic Lane Carpet Pre-Spray

Ready-to-use pre-spray applied before shampooing or extracting in heavy-traffic areas; citrus fragrance. Can also be used as a spin bonnet cleaner. Four gallons per case. #1070334


Carpet Shampoo


WAXIE Rug-Brite Rug & Upholstery Shampoo

For rotary and automatic machines, contains optical brighteners. #1070154




Post Treatment Products

gum away


This aerosol gum and candle wax remover is ideal for carpets, fabrics, tables, chairs, floors and other surfaces. Refrigerant freezes the gum which releases the adhesion between the gum and the surface. Does not attack paints or varnishes and will not stain. Also removes candle wax from fabrics and carpets. 6-ounce can. #1070451


WAXIE Carpet & Room Deodorizer

Contains a long lasting odor counteractant powder which neutralizes odors rather than masking them. Sprinkle on carpets and vacuum, or put directly into vacuum bag. Ideal for dumpsters, trash cans, carpets and other malodor problems. It is a safe and economical alternative to abrasive baking soda based deodorizers. 16-ounce container. #162065


WAXIE Defoamer

Dissipates foam in autoscrubbers, wet vacs and extraction machines; protects vacuum motors from foam damage. Dilution: 1-ounce per 10-gallons of recovery capacity. #1070324


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