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BigBelly Solar Stations & Components

Waste and Recycling Stations & ComponentsBigBellySolarStation

The BigBelly Solar intelligent waste and recycling collection system features modular solutions for your public space waste and recycling needs. Compacting BigBelly and non-compacting SmartBelly components allow you to mix-and-match configurations to meet the demands for each waste stream at each location with the appropriate capacity.

A Solution for Every Corner

Each waste and recycling station is comprised of one-to-three components. Compacting BigBelly components can be used for high-demand areas, while SmartBelly components can be used for lower-frequency areas. These components can be mixed-and-matched to create the perfect combination for the volume of waste and recycling each location. Supported waste streams include trash, single-stream recycling, bottle/can recycling and paper recycling and organics.

By right-sizing to actual demand, customers can rest assured that there is sufficient capacity to avoid overflows and maintain service levels without over-collecting and wasting resources.

The BigBelly Solar Compactor and Compacting Recycler

The BigBelly solar compactor is a patented, compacting trash receptacle that is self-powered by solar energy and software-controlled. The BigBelly waste component takes up as much space as the “footprint” of an ordinary trash can —but its capacity is five times greater. For single-stream recycling, the BigBelly compacting recycler delivers 4:1 compaction, ideal for high-traffic recycling areas.

Increased on-site capacity is an important element in collection efficiency. When paired with the power of the real-time fullness status updates and historical collections insight delivered by the CLEAN management console, 70-80+% reductions in collection trips and associated operating costs, fuel use and greenhouse gas emissions are consistently achievable. Reduced collections yield deep cost efficiencies by freeing up valuable worker time, allowing managers to re-deploy staff to other important tasks, and reduce the costs and pollution of unnecessary vehicle trips (the “Nega-Mile TM”).SmartBellySolarStation

As waste collects inside a BigBelly solar compactor (or single-stream recycling inside a BigBelly compacting recycler), an internal “eye” senses when the bin is filling and communicates that information back to the Command Center, generating a command to trigger a compaction cycle. The software service also takes the sensor inputs and communicates with the CLEAN Management Console, giving collection personnel real-time data on which locations require a collection. Without wasting trips down a street or to a park for locations that do not yet require pick up, crews have the ability to know exactly when BigBelly Solar Compactors are ready for pick up – or still have much more capacity – and capacity is something that BigBelly components have plenty of. BigBelly components have an enormous appetite for trash and recycling – keep feeding them!.

Safe, easy to use, and designed to keep out pests, the BigBelly components have proven their worth in urban streets, parks, colleges, arenas—in all weather conditions. Designed for reliable performance 24/7/365 in all climates and latitudes, the BigBelly solar compactor and BigBelly compacting recycler are powered by sophisticated and patented software that allows each BigBelly compactor to run for one week on the equivalent energy of brewing one pot of coffee.

Solar-powered compaction:

  • Enables dramatic reduction in waste collections cost in concert with data-driven insights
  • Delivers cleaner public spaces and more efficient & flexible operations
  • Can be located virtually anywhere

Click here to download/view the specifications for BigBelly compacting components.

BigBelly compacting components can be combined with SmartBelly components as well as other BigBelly compacting components in various waste and recycling station configurations.

SmartBelly for Waste & RecyclingBigBelly recycle set

The Zero Waste family of SmartBelly intelligent waste and recycling components is a new addition to the BigBelly System. Self-powered by solar energy, the SmartBelly provides real-time fullness status to limit unnecessary collections and head off overflow issues before they become a problem. Trash, single-stream recycling, multi-stream recycling and organics options are available.

The SmartBelly benefits are similar to those of BigBelly compactors, but without the compaction capabilities required for the most highly-trafficked areas. In less-trafficked or remote areas, the power of real-time information to drive collection and resourcing decisions is incredibly powerful. The SmartBelly line, and its sensing and communications capabilities, dovetails nicely into a strategy where BigBelly components tackle the toughest “hot spots” and SmartBelly components round out the footprint to provide a uniform operational view (the power of information) and appearance.

Click here to download/view the specifications for the SmartBelly.

SmartBelly components can be combined with other SmartBelly components as well as other BigBelly compacting components in various waste and recycling station configurations.





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