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Commitment to Sustainability

Sustainability has emerged as a global theme of the 21st century – it is a concept that balances the interconnectedness of the environment, the economy and our quality of life, and that recognizes the importance of our stewardship over each.

Pledge to Sustainability

WAXIE Sanitary Supply is committed to being a leader to promote responsible business practices that support sustainable communities which are secure, economically prosperous, environmentally responsible and healthy places in which to live and work.

WAXIE shares the goal of establishing partnerships to advance education, communication, business best practices, policies, research, technologies and programs to support a more sustainable region for all generations.

WAXIE is committed to adopting more sustainable business practices for the company, and to partnering with its stakeholders to identify and implement the most effective facility maintenance solutions to protect and enhance the triple bottom line of human health, environmental stewardship, and economic prosperity.


Sustainability Initiatives at WAXIE

WAXIE is committed to being a more sustainable organization – and while there are still many aspects of our business we are working on which could be more sustainable, following is a summary of some of the accomplishments and initiatives the company has undertaken so far on our ongoing path to sustainability.

LEED Certification and USGBC

WAXIE has two Inventory Centers which have earned LEED Silver certification – and earning certification for these two facilities is consistent with WAXIE’s goal of providing its employees with a healthy and productive work environment which maximizes occupant comfort and allows our people to focus on taking care of customers.

These two Inventory Centers, which are the most recently constructed buildings in the company’s portfolio, also serve as an embodiment and physical expression of the company’s commitment to sustainability and to contributing to a better community for all valued customers and employees.

For additional details about each of these projects, please download the WAXIE LEED Project Case Studies to learn more about the WAXIE Mesa and WAXIE Salt Lake City Inventory Centers.

In addition to earning LEED certification for these facilities, WAXIE is also an active member of the US Green Building Council, and currently employs ten LEED Accredited Professionals and three LEED Green Associates who are able to share knowledge and potentially assist clients with their LEED projects.

Solar Power and Energy Efficiency

WAXIE currently has four Inventory Centers which are generating energy from solar panel installations, with a cumulative average electricity usage offset for all of the projects of 79%.

These solar panel installations have been augmented by the right-sizing HVAC systems and the installation of more energy efficient LED lighting and lighting controls, with a goal of providing a more pleasant building environment to go along with a reduced consumption of energy.

The company Headquarters at WAXIE San Diego has also had its energy usage benchmarked and has earned an ENERGY STAR score of 79 in 2012 and 89 in 2014 – and these scores were achieved prior to the installation of the solar panels! We look forward to having our energy usage at this facility benchmarked again now that the solar panels are offsetting so much of our energy usage.


Transportation and Deliveries

WAXIE maintains a fleet of over 100 delivery trucks and vans, and is continually looking for ways to make the most efficient use of these resources in an effort to reduce overall impacts while we provide our delivery service for customers.

WAXIE leases all delivery vehicles from Penske, and over 75% of our fleet is model year 2012 or newer, with no vehicle older than six years old – as a result, WAXIE vehicles are able to benefit from newer engines utilizing the latest technology to improve fuel efficiency.

Some of this technology includes the use Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR), and advanced active emissions control technology with a Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) reductant source – resulting in an overall cleaner exhaust, with NOx emissions (oxides of nitrogen, an environmental pollutant which contributes to smog) reduced by up to 90% and fuel efficiency improved by 5%.

In addition, WAXIE tractor trailers utilize Low Rolling Resistance (LRR) and side skirts to improve aerodynamics and improve fuel efficiency.

WAXIE vehicles are inspected by drivers on a daily basis both prior to and after their delivery routes including, but not limited to, tires, lights, fluids and brakes, and in addition these vehicles are inspected by Penske mechanics every 90 days – as a result, WAXIE vehicles are able to remain in optimum driving condition and remain as safe and efficient as possible.  WAXIE also leans its vehicles on a weekly basis to improve appearance and further reduce aerodynamic drag.

WAXIE utilizes Roadnet routing software from UPS which helps to design delivery routes to maximize efficiency, and since the implementation of this software the overall number of delivery stops has been increased and the overall mileage driven for each route has been decreased.  As the business has grown, WAXIE has been able to increase the total number of deliveries without having to add an excess amount of new vehicles – it is estimated that the equivalent of 29 additional delivery trucks have been kept off of the road as a result of these improved efficiencies.

Finally, WAXIE has been utilizing CNG delivery vehicles in several markets, especially for long-haul routes – and these vehicles have been able to contribute to reduced emissions for select routes in California and Arizona.

On the Path

This summary of selected achievements and initiatives for the company are offered in the spirit of starting a dialogue – while these activities do not represent the entirety of the company’s efforts, hopefully they can provide a snapshot into the mindset of a company which continues to be on the path to more sustainable operations for our employees, customers, and the communities in which we serve.

For a selected list of some of WAXIE’s more notable accomplishments and activities on the path to sustainability, please download the WAXIE Commitment to Sustainability PDF Brochure.