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Ultra Guard - Product Application Tools

3M SPP Maroon Pad
13" Item #264133    17" Item #264131
14" Item #264134    20" Item #264132

Use 3M Surface Prep Pads and WAXIE Ultra Clean or water with autoscrubbers or floor machines to effectively remove floor finish, preparing the floor for finish application. SPP pads help improve safety and productivity. There is no slippery residue from strippers. No stripper cleanup on baseboards or nearby floors. No chemical contamination on skin, clothes and shoes.


KaiMotion™ Wood Floor Applicator

Item #660110

Featuring precise flow control, the KaiMotion™ Wood Floor
Applicator is a multipurpose tool that performs the following tasks: 
floor finish applicator, wood floor finish applicator, daily cleaning and floor stripping.



T-Bar Applicator
Item #658080

Applies a layer of coating to large areas with professional, consistent and even coverage every time. One piece heavy duty 60" steel handle with swivel 24" head.

T-Bar Replacement Pad
Item #658081

Specially designed 24" Nylfoam® refill pad applies a precise, smooth, lint-free finish to wood, concrete, tile and slate surfaces. Use with waterborne coatings.


WAXIE Pure Performance Polish Pad
20" Item #262340 case 2/cs
27" Item #262342 case 2/cs

This advanced floor pad has been developed to maximize wood floor cleaning, while dramatically increasing gloss. Constructed of durable, highly launderable microfiber, this floor pad maximizes cleaning and polishing without abrading or burning the finish. Because it doesn’t abrade the finish, scrub and recoats and strip-out times will be extended, saving valuable labor dollars and chemical costs.


Big Job Duster Kit
Item #654070

Big Job Duster 48" Microfiber Looped Pads
Item #654071 Case 6/cs

The Big Job Duster covers 8' in one pass, while its scissor action funnels the dust and debris into the center for easier pick up, and for going through narrow hallways and doorways. Outfitted with microfiber dusting heads, this high-speed tool cleans while it dusts.