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Floor Drains – An Overlooked Source of Health and Safety Risks

Identifying potential sources for pathogens in our buildings is more important than ever before, and employing proven facility maintenance strategies can help efforts to limit potential exposure of building occupants to these indoor pollutants and pathogens sources, and create a healthier building environment.

Part of Step 5 of the WAXIE RE6, Building Re-Entry program is floor drains, which are an often overlooked point of entry for indoor biological pollutants.

Do you have Bugs? Drain Flies? Odors? Dangerous Sewer Gas? Trap Primer Fail? Concerned about Dangerous Airborne Pathogens? What Are Your Drains Letting In?

While we are all trying to do the right things during this pandemic, and are all focused on proper PPE, disinfecting frequently, proper hand hygiene, and the wellbeing of our employees, we would also recommend as part of your facility maintenance strategy, that all drains be equipped with a solution that addresses all of the questions above. The potentially thousands of drains in buildings, where people work day in and day out, can create a serious indoor biological pollutant source, in turn putting the wellbeing of employees at risk.

The solution is Green Drain. Green Drain is an Eco-Friendly and cost effective system for your drains.

The Green Drain can help to prevent potentially fatal cross contamination and infection spread caused by unprotected drains. The Green Drain is an economical Drain Trap Seal Device that allows water to flow down the drain while preventing Pests, Odors, and Harmful Gases/Pathogens from infiltrating the living or work space. 

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Green Drain


  • Drain Odors
  • Pest Infiltration
  • Sewer/Radon Gas Infiltration
  • Harmful Biologic Aerosols

Download Green Drain™ Health and Safety Risks Brochure


Product Features

  • One way drain valve
  • Ease of installation
  • Does not impair flow rate

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Product Benefits

  • NSF Approved
  • HACCP Certified
  • Increases Indoor Air Quality
  • Protects the Public Health

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4-drainsGreen Technology

  • Helps in LEED Certification
  • Does not impair plumbing maintenance
  • Provides sewage back-flow protection
  • Universal Plumbing Code Certified

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Available in four sizes 

  • 1033600 Green Drain Waterless Trap Seal 2”
  • 1033601 Green Drain Waterless Trap Seal 3”
  • 1033603 Green Drain Waterless Trap Seal 3.5”
  • 1033602 Green Drain Waterless Trap Seal 4.0”