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WAXIE-Black-Yellow-BeeWAXIE Machines

WAXIE Sanitary Supply carries its own line of equipment such as WAXIE commercial vacuums, WAXIE extractors, WAXIE floor scrubbers, WAXIE floor machines and specialty WAXIE cleaning machines for your home, office or industrial space! WAXIE also can service and repair your used WAXIE equipment.


Nilfisk_advance_logoAdvance Brand Products: Part of the Nilfisk-Advance Group

Nilfisk-Advance is among the world’s leading suppliers of professional commercial and industrial floor cleaning equipment with manufacturing facilities in Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Hungary, USA, Singapore and China. WAXIE Sanitary Supply carries Advance equipment such as Advance commercial vacuums, Advance extractors, Advance floor scrubbers, Advance floor machines and specialty Advance cleaning machines for your home, office or industrial space! WAXIE also can service and repair your used Advance equipment.


nss_logo_1539098143__28579.originalNSS Products

NSS has always employed the philosophy of design simplicity--uncomplicated solutions that avoid unnecessary, trouble-prone gadgetry. That's why their machines last longer and need fewer repairs. When repairs are needed, design simplicity makes NSS machines easy for technicians to service. The result for our customers is significantly longer equipment life, less downtime for service and repairs, and lower machine lifecycle costs. When you purchase NSS equipment, you are truly making an investment in an asset that will be around for years to come.


Windsor Kärcher Commercial Cleaning Equipmentwindsor-2

Windsor offers a full line of industry-leading commercial vacuums, extractors, scrubbers, floor machines and specialty cleaning machines designed to increase your cleaning productivity! Why should you choose Windsor as your partner for your entire floor cleaning program? Windsor is committed to excellence in three key areas important to mutual success: Product Innovation, Training Education, and Service Support.


TASKI Intellibotintellibot-Logo

The TASKI Intellibot from Sealed Air DiverseyCare helps to save labor, to increase productivity, and to deliver a more consistent and higher level of cleanliness. In addition to providing each of these benefits, the Intellibot is also “connected” and “smart”, with its Intelli-Trak™ wireless reporting system providing analytics and information which sends performance reports and allows for remote diagnostics and repairs.


logo-largeICE (International Cleaning Equipment)

ICE is an international company with research, development and management staffs that span across the United States, Europe, and China. Its global presence allows ICE to have the most groundbreaking technology and best value in the industrial and commercial cleaning industry.