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BigBelly Solar Intelligent Waste and Recycling Collection System Overview

The BigBelly System Delivers Unprecedented Operational Insights and Dramatic Resource Efficiencies, while Maintaining Service Levels.

The BigBelly Solar Intelligent Waste & Recycling Collection System has been designed to harness the power of information technology and renewable energy to solve an expensive and messy problem: how to more efficiently manage the process of collecting solid waste and recycling. Powerful and easy to use, the next-generation BigBelly System – a Smart Grid for Waste & Recycling ™ – delivers the following capabilities:

  • From any web browser, the new CLEAN ™ Management Console provides unprecedented visibility and transparency into public space waste & recycling collection operations. New visualization tools and reporting capabilities provide powerful insights for more efficient management of operations, better activity tracking and enhanced auditing of results.
  • Behind the scenes, the network Command Center crunches the data that delivers the reporting and insights and controls the waste & recycling stations, while providing remote diagnostics, over-the-air software upgrades and proactive maintenance options.

Optimizing collections allows teams to maintain high service levels, while dramatically reducing costs. Patterns of historical information allow customers to drive even deeper efficiencies by adjusting routes and staff dispatching patterns. Finally, real-time information ensures “no surprises” and allows the organization the flexibility to shift to prevent issues and address changing conditions on the ground (e.g. special events, seasonal usage, population or foot traffic growth areas, etc.).

On the street, in parks and on campus, the family of BigBelly and SmartBelly Waste & Recycling Stations has been substantially expanded to address a broader range of customer situations:

  • The 4th generation BigBelly solar compactor delivers renowned off-grid compaction, now with bi-directional communication, improved software integration & energy management, and new ruggedized features.
  • Adding to the BigBelly line of solar-powered compactors, the BigBelly compacting recycler brings the benefits of on-site and off-grid compaction to single stream recycling in high-volume locations.
  • For less heavily trafficked areas, an entirely new family of sensing, but non-compacting, SmartBelly components spans a full range of waste, recycling and organics streams to help you meet the needs of Zero Waste initiatives.

The combination of these “mix and match” system components enables a full range of custom-configured stations that address specific waste & recycling capacity and stream mix, giving customers a “solution for every corner”.




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