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Eight Steps to Cleaning Entrances and Common Areas

Posted by Briana Smith on Nov 7, 2013 12:30:00 PM
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Cleaning Procedures for Entrances and Common Areas

Originally published & reprinted with permission from CleanLink Online: Clean Link Minute
By: Mickey Crowe  |  November 7, 2013

An office area is different enough from entrances and common areas that we will address them separately. Oftentimes these areas are exposed to more traffic and soiling than most offices. If you utilize the 80/20 Rule you will need to identify those areas that capture more soil and require more effort to maintain. 

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Following are some points to consider:

  1. Move furniture or other items as directed using care not to scratch surfaces.  
  2. Take more time vacuuming carpeted areas to allow pick up and also be more thorough in covering the area wall to wall. This applies especially to mats and entrances or high traffic lanes.
  3. Promptly address spots on carpet as soon as possible to reduce the chances of it becoming a stain. Identify the spot type, choose appropriate chemical, spray and blot turning cloth over to allow soil to wick into cloth.
  4. Inspect and dust mop hard floor surfaces taking note as to the type floor (Vinyl Composite Tile with finish or granite as an example). Use a microfiber dust mop when possible and be sure to sweep up debris.
  5. Place appropriate warning signs for any wet work being performed.
  6. Inspect and remove gum, heel marks and other abrasions when possible before damp mopping.
  7. Damp mop utilizing a neutral detergent that will not damage finish or stone surfaces which can be susceptible to harsh acids or alkalis.  
  8. Clean and return all equipment to storage area for the next day’s use. Ask your supervisor to take a digital picture of how the closet, cart, barrel should look and then make sure that you keep your area and equipment clean, stocked and up to standard.

These steps will vary according to the area so feel free to adjust tasks and sequence as needed. The goal is a clean area. 

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